Weight Loss Motivation Tips: Top 5

It’s too bad the months of November/December and March/April are usually the ones where most people lose motivation to get into the gym and stay proactive with their healthy lifestyle choices. That’s why I thought I’d give a quick reminder of some great tips we can all use to stay on track and prevent that muffin top from getting any worst!

The goal of this article is to allow you to focus on keeping it simple and not cluttering your head with all the thousands of different diets/workout plans that promise to give you long term weight loss success. These tips are aimed at experienced pros and beginners alike and are guaranteed to work, so give it a go…

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 1: Plan

What’s your objective? What’s your plan? This is key to any successful training plan. Whether your goal is to increase muscle size or lose fat, just clarify your objective in your head for the next 6 weeks.

Once you have your objective clear develop a workout and nutrition plan based on that. You can search the articles in this website which will help you define these plans. Just pick and choose the best nuggets you get from each article and customize it to best suit your needs. This leads to the next tip which is definitely one of the most powerful you will ever encounter…

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 2: Educate

Listen up for this one. Bar none: Education is your biggest motivation booster. Take 5 minutes each day to read an article on this site and you will power your arsenal against couch potato fat more than any other method. You see the secret in this tip is that through educating yourself you will soon subconsciously make smarter decisions when it comes to your eating and your workouts.

In other words you soon won’t even have to make an effort, your brain will just do it automatically. For example, instead of asking for french fries you will ask for grilled and spiced veggies next time you’re out at a restaurant! Or if it’s your cheat day you will ask for half yam fries and half greens salad with light dressing.

That doesn’t sound as bad as you thought it would did it?

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 3: Spring Cleaning

You know how it is in Spring when you go through your house and do some spring cleaning right? Well why not apply the same principal to your kitchen? When it comes down to your health it’s really important to keep your cravings in check by just not having any junk food stored in your cupboards in the first place.

Do it this evening, take an hour and clean out your fridge, freezer and cupboards of any items you know will be landmines for crushing your goals. Won’t it be worth it in the end if you get to look in the mirror and really be proud of the physique you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

Extra tip: You know which foods are bad by looking at the ingredients and seeing if there are items whose first or second ingredient is either of one of these: sugar, cream, flour (processed, refined, enriched), oil (especially hydrogenated, corn or soy). Also if there are ingredients you can’t pronounce then it’s a safe bet they are artificial and not worth keeping.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 4: Keep a Daily Log

Keeping a daily log of your diet and workout is extremely effective in keeping your motivation high. It allows you to stay on track and notice what diet created the most discomfort for you or which workout gave you the greatest adrenaline rush.

If you’re feeling really bored with your workouts this tip is pretty sweet. Just print out your new workout plan and then take it with you and write down what weights you used and how many reps/sets you did. It’s incredible how this little tip will keep you from getting bored at the gym. Just make sure to change your workout plan every 6 weeks for maximal results.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip 5: Picture it!

Visualizing yourself with the body you’ve always wanted to have is an advanced strategy that only some will really understand. But if you can challenge your mind with this at least once a day you’re going to not only boost your motivation but will also multiply your chances of achieving success.

A good way to start is to cut out a picture of a celebrity or athlete you want to have a the body like and leave it on your fridge or next to your cupboards. This will begin the process of getting a visual in your mind’s eye and it will begin to cause a butterfly effect. The key is to think about how each thing you eat will or will not help you get to your goals. (Sound a bit too much? Give yourself a break at least once or twice a break with cheat days where you relax and eat your favorites in moderation).


Put these weight loss motivation tips in plan today (Plan, Educate, Spring Cleaning, Keep a Daily Log and Picture It) and you will without a doubt begin to see some pretty incredible results regardless of what level of training you are at. Take it one step a time and be strong as it may not be easy but it will all be worth it in the end!

Do you have any other weight loss motivation tips you’d like to add? Please leave a comment below…