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Workout Supplements: 2010 Award Winners

Since I get asked about the most effective supplements all the time I thought it would be cool too feature an article on the 2010 Supplement Awards which were just announced a few days ago.

I’m pretty new-school with my training, I believe in focusing in on a very healthy and plentiful diet rich of lean meats and veggies but I also know that supplements can really help boost all our efforts especially when we’re training at a very high capacity. In the old school world supplements get a hard rap with fear of the unknown and fly by supplement companies that are out to make a quick buck.

Luckily with the power of internet these supplement companies don’t last very long simply because word-of-mouth can spread very quickly and unless quality is served everyone hears about it very quickly.

Regardless, let’s look at some of the best 2010 Supplement Award winners!

Workout Supplements Award: Best Fat Loss

USPLabs OxyElite Pro – I had a feeling this one would win this year simply because the buzz behind this product has been huge. The thing about most fat loss supplements is that they have hundreds and hundreds of grams of caffeine and ephedrine derivatives like synephrine and other harsh stimulants, but that’s what makes OxyElite Pro really stand out. It only has caffeine the equivalent of a cup of coffee, the rest are plant extracts that act as a thermogenic to burn fat and increase energy and support. Pretty impressive. For more info – USPLabs OxyElite Pro

Workout Supplements Award: Best Energy Supplement & Best Pre Workout

Once again, you may have seen me forecast this, especially since I devoted an entire article to USPlabs Jack3d (view my article here – Jack3d Lean Muscle Supplement). I don’t know what else to say about it other than this is the hands down best pre-workout energy supplement you can find on the market that will make anyone lacking motivation into a workout superstar. With creatine, beta alanine and arginine I’d be surprised if you didn’t get a huge pump from your workout after taking this. For more info – USPlabs Jack3d

Workout Supplements Award: Best Recovery

I heard a lot about Scivation Xtend before looking into and deciding it was the right post-workout supplement for me. What makes it so impressive? The BCAA’s (branch chained amino acids) that it supplies your muscles is so impressive that it is like a superhero speedy recovery drink with pretty much no other additives other than Vitamin B6. The watermelon flavour? A huge winner! For more info – Scivation Xtend

Workout Supplements Award: Best New Brand of the Year

With such strong brands in the supplement world you know one has to be stellar in order to make it through the door and Cellucor has done so with flying colours. Their mission as stated throughout their website is to deliver the best results possible while improving the customer’s quality of life and that is a bold statement which is definitely backed up. Cellucor has become popular by their best selling lean muscle kits and extreme muscle growth activator kits. For more info – CellucorProducts

Workout Supplements Award: Best New Supplement of the Year

If you want the best of the best whey protein which is lactose free, cholesterol free and sugar free then Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey is hard to beat. It’s a little more on the pricier side but you get what you pay for and with 30 grams of protein and only 140 calories per serving this ultra pure whey protein was made for the most elite of athletes. Flavours like Turbo Chocolate, Velocity Vanilla and Supercharged Strawberry means simple and clean taste that is great for mixing with your favorite ingredients. Fore more info – Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey

Workout Supplements: Conclusion

There you have it, the best of the best for 2010, and if you guys want to hear some of the rest of the winners please make sure to leave me a comment below and include your feedback so I will make this a multi-part article…