jack3d lean muscle supplement

Jack3d – Lean Muscle Supplement

I was going through my favorite supplement company and noticed that one product that has been really getting a huge amount of buzz lately has made it the #1 seller last month…the product is USPLabs Jack3d (or Jacked).

So what’s in Jack3d and who was it made for?

Jack3d has a very interesting formulation of some of the most effective supplements known to weight training. These include creatine, caffeine, beta alanine and arginine (also known as NO).

Now if we’re looking at this at the consumer level we want to know how this can help us with our training, do these work as they claim and are there any side effects?

Well if we’re looking at the main ingredients we know that: creatine helps with providing more efficient energy transport to our muscles; arginine helps with vasodilation and transport of nutrients to our muscles; beta alanine reduces fatiguing; and caffeine acts as a stimulant to improve our focus and energy while working out (along with the other ingredients in Jack3d which are Geranium and Schizandrol A).

Jack3d Lean Muscle Supplement:

If we put all these together and supplement with Jack3d we can some pretty explosive workouts with huge muscle pumps which will last for at least a few hours after training. What I’ve found with clients is that it really helps them on their slow days to bust out and go super intense at a completely elevated level.

After a few weeks the end result is that lean muscle is grown and carved out especially when high intensity interval training is part of the workout routine, and trust me on this one, it should definitely be part of your routine if you are wanting to decrease lower belly fat and get muscle definition.

Jack3d Side Effects

With all good things there are always some potential down sides as well. When it comes to USPLabs Jack3d the side effects are pretty much one thing and one thing only – over stimulation. Now you can play with the amount that you use but because of the stimulatory ingredients I would not recommend taking even a few hours before sleep unless you are one of those people who can always sleep no matter what!

So obviously some people who are more sensitive to caffeine may want to stick to having this in the mornings and before noon, just a good rule of thumb to go by.

All the other ingredients including creatine, arginine and beta alanine have been studied pretty extensively and do not have any concerning side effects. The one thing I like to keep in mind though with these is that it is always a good idea to give your body a break from taking supplements like creatine once every 2-3 months for 2 weeks. This helps your body do a reset and allow you to get the most benefit.

Jack3d Side Conclusion

Because USPLabs Jack3d has made a huge impact in the market as one of the top lean muscle supplements and over 5800 people leaving positive feedback for it on Bodybuilding.com I thought it was cool to take a closer look at the ingredients and see how good it really is. Other than those who have sensitivities to caffeine Jack3d seems like a pretty solid product that can really boost your workouts and help you build lean muscle.

If you’d like to find more info about this product and see some testimonials check out USPLabs Jack3d on Bodybuilding.com

Have any questions or feedback on how Jack3d lean muscle supplement has worked for you? Please leave a comment below…