abs training workout

Abs Training Workout

You might be running in circles trying one diet, exercise plan or supplement and none of them are really giving that great results. Trust me on this one, I know how you feel with this and it took me a lot of research, studying and experience hands on to see what works and what doesn’t work.

So I’m going to devise for you a killer abs training workout which is made to give you a pretty intense total body burn with direct focus on your abs. The best thing about this is that it is intense enough that it will only take you about 30 minutes to accomplish, and if you don’t think that is going to be enough time then you haven’t tried this workout yet!

With that being said I should preface by saying that only you know the limits of your body so you may want to experiment with this workout and make variations to match your current training level.

Ready for this? You better get a good nights sleep before this one, you’re going to need it…

Abs Training Workout

7 minute jump rope warm up
1 minute jumping jacks -start slow and increase speed to as fast as you can
3 super-sets of the following (no rest between exercises, but 60 seconds rest after one set):
30 seconds ab crunches on stability ball (view exercise)
30 seconds plank (view exercise)
30 seconds mountain climbers (view exercise)
30 seconds stability ball pull ins (view exercise)
— end of set
1 minute squat and kick (view exercise)
30 seconds push ups close grip – can place knees on the floor (view exercise)
30 seconds lunge steps (view exercise)
1 minute russian twists on stability ball (view exercise)
7 minute jump rope

Download and Print Abs Training Workout:
You can now download and print out this highly effective workout plan here – Abs Training Workout (right click and save as)


Abs Training Supplements That Work

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Abs Training Workout: Conclusion

You’ve got a killer abs training workout here to use especially in times when time is short and you need to do a quick intense workout in your home without any equipment other than a stability ball & a jumping rope. You’ll find that the first few times you do this it will be near impossible, but as you gain your endurance and physicality of it it will really being to give you results with defining your abs like none other. Try it as often as 2-3 times a week or even just once a week and remember to have plenty of water before and after this workout since you should be sweating up a storm.

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