Melt Away Calories in Half the Time

Melt Away Calories in Half the Time

Having the right workout at your hand when time is really limited is not only smart but great to keep you from falling off track.

You may experiment with a number of different workouts and not see the kind of results you believe you should be getting so let’s devise a fast, efficient and challenging workout you can use when time is short.

One of the best ways to go about this is to have a workout which challenges the muscles in half your body, and then while that part recovers, allows you to challenge the other half.

Let’s get right into it…

Total Body Workout

The key here is to cycle through all four exercises resting between 30 seconds and 1 minute between each one, and repeating until you hit 15-30 minutes (however long you have).

The cool thing is that you will hit all the major muscles and move at a quick pace to get your body burning fat like a hot oven.

Dumbbell Lunges (view image)
Dumbbell Rows (view image)
Burpees (view image)
Single Leg Deadlift (view image)
Woodchopper (view image)
Jump Squat and Curl (view image)

When doing these exercises don’t rush through the movements. You want to keep excellent form and think about activating each of the muscle groups as you are doing the exercise.

Recommended Supplements for the Quickest Fat Loss Results

If you’re wanting quick results to help you burn away fat you may want to include these supplements:

Thermogenic Fat Burner (Try: Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix)
Appetite Suppression (Try: USPlabs OxyELITE Pro)
Whey Protein for Muscle Production (Try: Platinum Hydrobuilder)
Omega 3’s for Fat Oxidation (Try: AllMax Nutrition Omega 3)
Energy Pre-Workout Matrix for Motivation & Maximum Force (Try: USPLabs Jack3d)

Conclusion: Melt Away Calories in Half the Time

No more excuses about being short on time here, this quick and efficient workout is a powerhouse which will activate all the major muscles in your body. With all of them activated you’ll notice your body will continue to blast through fat for a while after you stop working out and if you replace two days a week where you wouldn’t have done anything the amount of extra calories you have burned for that month will be simply exceptional.

Have any questions or comments about melting calories in half the time? Please leave a comment below…