weight loss bootcamp workout

Weight Loss Bootcamp Workout

If you’ve attended a weight loss bootcamp before you have already noticed how good the results can be. With this in mind sometimes bootcamps can be a pain in the butt because they just don’t coincide with your schedule and location.

No worries, I’m going to give you a bootcamp workout which is targeted to be run in under 29 minutes and has the focus on losing excess weight quickly. You can run this workout on days where time is short and your motivation may not be the highest to get to the gym or even outside your house.

The best part of this workout is that it requires minimal workout gear/equipment and is mostly focusing on using your body weight, building your endurance and helping you increase hand eye muscle coordination.

Weight Loss Bootcamp Gear

With regards to the gear I highly recommend you invest in some simple gear to help you get the most of your bootcamp workout. This list includes only gear that is mostly under $20 (you may have seen most of these in my article Exercise Equipment Top 5 List).

Valeo Foam Exercise Mat
Altus Burst Resistant Stability Ball
Harbinger 2 Lb. Weighted Jump Rope
Harbinger Resistance Adjustable Cable
Harbinger Balance Trainer
Altus 2 In 1 Power Medicine Ball And Kettlebell

There you go, I like this short and quick list because I did the research for you on finding quality gear that is inexpensive and will get you great bang for your buck because we can do so much with these 6 items alone.

Now let’s use this for your killer workout plan…

Weight Loss Bootcamp Workout

8 minute jump rope (start slowly and speed up so that last minute is as fast as you can)

Superset 1 (Perform each exercise right after each other with no rest – do 3 sets)
20 seconds Pushups with hands on balance trainer (view exercise)
20 seconds Squats on balance trainer (view exercise)
20 seconds bicep curls with resistance cables (view exercise)

Superset 2 (Perform each exercise right after each other with no rest – do 3 sets)
20 seconds Ab crunches with feet on stability ball (view exercise)
20 seconds oblique crunches (view exercise)
20 seconds burpees (view exercise)

Superset 3 (Perform each exercise right after each other with no rest – do 3 sets)
20 seconds Plank on stability ball (view exercise)
20 seconds mountain climbers (view exercise)
20 seconds Ab Twists with medicine ball (view exercise)

Superset 4 (Perform each exercise right after each other with no rest – do 3 sets)
20 seconds kettlebell press (view exercise)
20 seconds Turkish getup with kettlebell (view exercise)
20 seconds deadlift with kettlebells (view exercise)

8 minute jump rope (start fast and slow down so last minute is a light pace)

Download and Print Weight Loss Bootcamp Workout:
You can now download and print out this highly effective workout plan here – Weight Loss Bootcamp Workout (right click and save as)

Weight Loss Bootcamp Workout Supplements

Without a doubt the pure intensity of bootcamp workouts requires a very well rounded diet and including supplements in your regimen is a great way to make sure you are going to get a ton out of all this energy you are using up. Let’s take a look at some essentials to include:

Weight Loss Bootcamp Workout

I hope you enjoyed this intense weight loss bootcamp workout, it will really give you some fantastic results while you are learning how your body adapts to variations on exercises which work the whole body. You can run this workout up to 3 times a week if you need to, just try and include a day rest between sessions because you should be going as intense as you can when doing this plan and your muscles are going to need the recovery time.

If you like this bootcamp workout and want to see more or have any questions/feedback please leave a comment below…