Exercise Equipment Top 5 List

Exercise Equipment Top 5 List

There’s one very powerful way to make sure you succeed with getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day – having your own exercise equipment at home. And by this I don’t mean a full gym with heavy weights. I mean exercise equipment you can get at around $20 a piece that is quality and allows you to challenge using mostly just your body weight.

So with this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to help many of you who either can only workout at home or for those of you who just don’t have the time on certain days to make it to the gym. With this top 5 list you will be able to not only stay on track but even continue to burn fat at an accelerated pace even if you do it in front of the tv.

I’m going to go through this list and provide you links with where I have gotten this equipment from a reputable online store which has my highest recommendation and trust.

Exercise Equipment #1: Stability Ball

I can easily count over 30 exercises you can do on a stability ball from pushups to ab crunches, to back extensions and even squats, the stability ball is a must-have exercise equipment that should be in everyone’s homes.

If you want ideas and workouts for the stability ball I have prepared several articles for you already: Exercise Ball Ab Workout, Abdominal Workout – Exercise Ball, Ultimate Upper Body & Abs Workout, Fast Abs Workout

At just $15 this burst resistant stability ball is pretty awesome – Altus Burst Resistant Stability Ball

Exercise Equipment #2: Weighted Jump Rope

Next to running, nothing burns more calories than jumping rope. It’s not easy, it takes a lot of coordination and endurance to be able to master the art of jumping rope and yet it is such a simple and straight forward exercise. One of the best things about jumping rope is that it is inherently interval based since your speed will vary naturally as you try and push through with the quickest pace every 30 seconds or so.

Once again at under $20 this is one equipment that packs a lot value in fat burning, check out this high quality rope which has weighted handles and comfy handles – Harbinger 2 Lb. Weighted Jump Rope

Exercise Equipment #3: Resistance Cables

If you’ve ever trained with resistance cables you know how good they are in strengthening your joints and tendons. In fact most physiotherapists will use resistance cables when helping an athlete with rehabilitation after an injury.

You can do a lot with resistance cables including tying them to a heavy table so you can get some great resistance. But this resistance cable also offers different levels of resistance if you want to go anywhere from light to super heavy – Harbinger Resistance Adjustable Cable

Exercise Equipment #4: Balance Board

Balance boards are awesome at making any standard exercise into a full body challenge. By compromising your balance you have to integrate your core muscles in order to compensate and the good news with this is that it shoots up your metabolism like crazy.

Try a simple exercise like pushups and compare it with pushups with your hands on a balance board and you’ll see that I mean. You can be very creative with balance board exercises especially if you have a couple weights.

Now you may have found bosu balls to be extremely expensive (usually over $100) but I’ve found that this balance trainer does just a good job for a lot less – Harbinger Balance Trainer

Exercise Equipment #5: Medicine Ball/Kettlebell

One of your best investments if you can’t afford a set of dumbells which usually go over a hundred dollars are medicine balls or kettlebells. You can use these as weights in your home to really pack a punch with every exercise you do. Just try holding one of these weights when doing ab crunches and the challenge will be much greater.

Now the best thing I’ve come across since the stability ball are these 2 in 1 medicine ball/kettlebell that you can get from Altus, you can do so much it’s crazy and they even include a DVD of exercises for you, check them out – Altus 2 In 1 Power Medicine Ball And Kettlebell

Exercise Equipment Conclusion

I hope you like this list as much as I do and you can get out of it as much too. Even by having just a couple of these items you can do quick workouts at home to keep you on track and burning fat while maintaining your muscle/joint integrity on days when you are super short with time.

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