easy fat loss tips

Mind Over Matter

Regardless of what level you are at in your training or weight loss achievements we all face challenges on a regular basis especially when it comes to our diets.

On our good days we can fight the temptations and wavering motivation levels, and on the bad days we make decisions that take all efforts a few steps backwards. I know you know what I mean by this because I’m there with you, but the trick is to not beat yourself up about it.

Don’t let it get you down, that in it’s entirety is the whole challenge that you have to stay on top of to win with your goals. To make it all easier for you these 3 easy fat loss tips will help you keep on track as long as you hold them in the back of your mind.

Easy Fat Loss Tip #1

You’re going to like this, because it is super easy and it definitely works. One day, I began to realize that I had arranged my fridge in a way that I saw the healthiest foods – the fruits and veggies in clear sight when I opened the fridge door.

This was particularly interesting because I almost forgot I had some of those guiltier and processed foods. The fruits and veggies was more of what I was eating by far.

I thought this was the best tip to give my clients. Just store your healthiest foods in clear sight. Your brain has the incredible ability to remember that food and think about having it for later when you are hungry.

Doubt this psychology? Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean, such an easy tip to implement and it totally works.

Easy Fat Loss Tip #2

Stand at least half the time as you usually sit. This one is good because again it’s not that a big deal to stand half the time and there are actually more bonuses than you may think.

Firstly, you burn extra calories keeping the gravity on some of the largest muscles in your body – your legs. Secondly, it gives an extension to your hamstrings which usually become tighter the more you sit down. This is great news for your back because tight hamstrings often are the cause for lower back pain.

Another tip on this matter, if you find that you need to be sitting at work in order to type away at your computer then try bringing a stability ball to work to sit on for half the time. It’s great to keep your core tight that extra time and also is a constant reminder to keep your posture fixed.

Easy Fat Loss Tip #3

This one may sound like it might be something to get used to, but can be huge if you think about how much you would accumulate over a month. Set a timer when you are at your computer so that every 50 minutes it beeps to remind you to get up. Now spend 2 minutes doing a combination of situps and pushups, as many as you can in just 2 minutes.

If this is just 20 calories burned per session and you do 2 sessions a day for 4 days a week in month that totals 640 calories! But the cool thing is that in reality it will probably be more like 1000 calories since your body will have elevated metabolism for 10-15 minutes after each time you do those exercises. Smart hey?

Top 3 Fat Loss Supplements

Burning fat with supplementation means using thermogenic stimulators which blast through belly fat. These are the top 3 selling fat loss supplements:

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Natural Fat Oxidation Stimulator (Try: CLA Max 2000)

Easy Fat Loss Tips Conclusion

Put these three easy fat loss tips together and guess what you have, a pretty killer concoction of fat-busting-not-much-effort-taken steps to put in your daily routine. If you like where I went with this article take a read at some others found in the tips section of this website and leave a comment below…