increase metabolism how to

Increase Metabolism – How To

Based on what you have read so far and what your friends have told you, getting fit and lean has a lot to do with your metabolism and speeding it up so you don’t get to store unwanted fat in your own body.

Just exactly what is metabolism and how can it help you get fit? Wikipedia defines metabolism as “the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments.”

Different people have different rates of metabolism which means to say that you and your brother, for instance, will have different rates at which you use up the nutrients of the food you have just consumed. What is also different will be the amount and rate at which some components of these foods, such as fats, will be stored in the body.

Another typical example of varying metabolic rates from person to person is perhaps an acquaintance of yours who gorges on high fat content foods all day but is nowhere near as fat or chubby as the other person you know who diets and exercises like crazy. This is just what nature has meant it to be. People are just built differently from each other. And your metabolism is just one of those things that makes you unique from everyone else even though it may not be the unique factor you were looking for!

However, one thing is certain, you can speed up the way your body does all of its chemical reaction processes and therefore help you get fitter and healthier faster. The trick lies in determining how this can be achieved.

Increase Metabolism Today

How can this be done and done well?

First, adopt a 30 minute aerobic exercise routine which you can do daily. This activity will continue to burn calories even three to four hours after you stop exercising.
In addition to the cardio workout, you should also add a moderate weight training program which can help you build muscle mass. Muscles have the inherit ability to burn calories easily throughout an entire day.

Furthermore, the right diet helps a whole lot, more than most of you may believe. Keeping out unnecessary calories from your body ensures that you only take in what your body really needs.

Smaller and more frequent meals is one the keys to speeding up metabolism using your diet alone. Like it or not, and just like all other organisms, our body structures have been so designed to survive a famine. Crash diets don’t speed up metabolism because when the brain perceives a situation where nourishment for the body is not available, it will program the body not to burn many calories at all. So what happens is that the body continues to retain all the fat it thinks it needs to survive.

Smaller meals, on the other hand, will trick the body into thinking that there is no danger of the body being starved, and therefore will process, through metabolism, the calories that need to be burned.

Speeding one’s metabolism seems not too difficult at all if you put all these things together. Once you get it all in line, it comes naturally and easily.

Supplements to Help Increase Metabolism

Supplements have also been found to be effective in helping with boosting metabolims by making your body act as a fat incinerator. These are the top 5 selling metabolism boosting supplements: