get rid of belly fat

Get Rid of Belly Fat

Taking on the biggest challenge most of us face, I wanted to write an article on a different and highly successful approach to help you get rid of belly fat.

The angle that we will look at is one that looks at some research done at the University of Wisconsin which revealed that weight training when combined with cardio is more effective at burning calories than almost all popular forms of cardio.

Specifically this research was focused on training with kettlebells because of it’s recent popularity and success seen by coaches in professional sports.

If you’re not sure what a kettlebell is, it is basically a round weight with a handle that is intended to be swung (view image here).

What was fascinating about this study was that it found that on average you are burning about 9.8 calories a minute on the elliptical, 14.3 calories/min biking and up to 19 calories/min running but training with a kettlebell burned on average 20 calories a minute. This is a clear winner because if you compare this at 60 minutes that means more than 60 calories difference than running. If we do this just 3 times a week that means a difference of 180 calories and in a month we’re looking at 720 calories.

Now we can really begin to see the difference this can make as a long term strategy!

Get Rid of Belly Fat Kettlebell Exercises

Exercise #1: Deadlift with kettlebells. Keep a natural arch in your back and feet shoulder width apart, lower slowly and use your hips to raise back up. ( view photo here )

Exercise #2: Squat and press with kettlebells. Start standing and holding kettlebells on your sides. Squat down until thighs are parallel to ground, then raise up and press the kettlebells up. Keep your core tight. ( view photo here )

Exercise #3: Kettlebell curls. Let’s tone those arms a little more with some dumbbell curls, bringing the weights up nice and slowly while keeping your elbows in. ( view photo here )

Exercise #4: Kettlebell Snatches. Begin in a squat position holding a kettlebell between your legs with one arm. Now as you raise your body raise the kettlebell stragith up and over your head. Then slowly lower as you go back to a squat position. ( view photo here )

Exercise #5: Kettlebell Turkish Get Up. Starting position is lying on your back with a kettlebell being held right out above your head with your left arm. Use your right arm to push you up as you sit up and place your left food on the ground first as you push your body up into standing position. Now complete this one set by returning to starting position. ( view photo here )

You can do each of these exercises 3 sets in a row for 12-14 repetitions and really begin to blast through that belly fat. Just remember to start out super light and watch your form until you build the experience to go heavier. The trick is to keep a fluid movement and start out with an explosive bang to really exert maximal force and turn on your metabolism engine.

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Conclusion: Get Rid of Belly Fat

Now is the time to put some change into your routine and try adding in kettlebell exercises such as those in this article as they are a great way to help you get ride of belly fat which has been nagging at you lately. If you don’t have kettlebells in your gym you may want to try this very inexpensive kettlbell- Altus 2 In 1 Power Medicine Ball And Kettlebell, definitely a great long term investment.

Remember if this helps you burn just 60 extra calories a session, in a month we’re talking about the difference of about 1000 calories when you compare it to running and that means only one thing – fat loss in your belly!

Have any questions or feedback about getting rid of your belly fat? Please leave a comment below…