abs training

Abs Training

It’s time to take it up a notch with your abs training and implement a 3 Dimensional system which cuts through the midsection flab and gets you some great definition in your abs.

The only question is…are you up for it?

This abs training strategy is not only intense but it will take you through a whole new method which is focused on results. Let’s not waste any time and jump right into it…

Abs Training Workout

For your first dimension, take this workout and implement into any routine at least once a week and up to 3 times a week, just make sure to include a day of recovery between sessions of this workout as you will need to give your body enough time to recover. It’s intense and it’s meant to be so if you are at a more intermediate level then you should minus one or more exercises at the beginning and add to it each week.

Remember to warm-up with 6 or 7 minutes of cardio of your liking (running, elliptical, jumping rope, biking, etc.)

I’m going to list a total number of repetitions, and you can split it up into 3 sets or even more as long as you keep the rest inbetween no longer than 30 seconds.

Total of 60 hanging knee raises (view exercise)
Total of 60 ab crunches on stability ball (view exercise)
Total of 60 bosu runners (view exercise)
Total of 40 russian twists on stability ball (view exercise)
Total of 50 ab rollouts with stability ball (view exercise)
Total of 25 woodchoppers on each side (view exercise)

Finish off with 8 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (start off with 6.0mph and see if you can get up to 9.0mph)

Abs Training Diet

You’ve got the workout and now you need to put together the second dimension – a diet which targets your abs. Firstly, you’ll want to implement a whey protein smoothie shake before and after your workouts (try: Optimum 100% NATURAL Whey or Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey).

The protein will help you stick with your healthy diet plan because it will curb cravings and boost your bodies ability to create as much lean muscle as possible. Speaking of healthy diet plan you will also want to make efforts to go for a low carb diet on the days of your abs training. If you haven’t yet make sure to read my article on Low Carb Diet Shopping List.

If you need some extra energy motivation then you may want to try an energy drink mix like USPLabs Jack3d. This stuff is like rocket fuel and will have you training at a completely different level.

Abs Training Flexibility

For your 3rd dimension, no abs training is complete with out some super intelligent flexibility program. The stretching allows your muscles to relax and your blood flow to really accelerate the nutrition supply to your abs while at the same time remove any byproducts left over from exercising.

Try these stretches out twice each and hold for approximately 30 seconds:

Cobra stretch (view exercise)
Stability ball ab stretch (view exercise)
Warrior yoga stretch (view exercise)

Nice and simple and you can do these anytime at the gym or at home, the only important thing is that you do them!

Abs Training Conclusion

There you have it a fully three dimensional approach to abs training that takes into account a workout, a killer low carb diet and a smart flexibility program. Sounds simple? Not so fast, remember consistency is key and it will take some dedication but the plan is laid out for you nice and clean. Now it’s time for you to up your game and I’ll be there every step of the way with you all.

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