healthy eating tips

Healthy Eating Tips

While most of us are in a rush and often putting together the most healthy meals possible there are definitely some things that we do and don’t realize the impact it has on our overall nutrition.

I wanted to provide a healthy eating tip when it comes to how we cook our food based on some new research that was revealed. It discusses the nutrition value of food when comparing heating styles – for instance boiling vs steaming vs barbecuing vs frying vs baking.

You probably already know that steaming vegetables is one of the best ways to cook your food because it keeps the nutrients in. But what about the other methods?

New research was conducted on a group of participants to compare the benefits of vegetables that were cooked with the different styles and an interesting result was found.

People who used steam, low heat or ate vegetables raw after 4 months had lower levels of markers which indicate inflammation.

The theory behind the research is based on high heat and dehyrdation which occurs during grilling, broiling, frying or even baking produces byproducts which may trigger inflammation.

The issue with inflammation is that it is linked with many cardiovascular and chronic diseases such as arthritis. More research is being conducted to back this up but it is an interesting note to take when cooking your food.

Pay close attention to prevent your food from being overcooked or overly dehyrated so as to keep all the nutrients in. Steaming is one of the best methods for cooking vegetables and if you are wondering about the raw version, it actually has been said that some heat is good because it releases more nutrients so raw isn’t necessarily a better option.

After reading this article I used lower heat on the bbq for the vegetables to prevent any burning or dehydration and actually found that they tasted way better too, what a nice bonus!

Try this tip with veggies especially if you are not so fond of them…try mixing a bowl of red onions, red peppers, broccoli, carrots and portabello mushrooms with some light olive oil and sprinkle with cajun and cayenne spice and bbq them on low heat for under 10 minutes. Yum!

Have any questions, feedback or other ideas of cooking food on low temperatures that create really good results? Please leave a comment below…