shoulder pain workout

Shoulder Pain Workout

Probably one of the more common areas most of us get a lot of pain in is our shoulders. The reason? Our shoulder joint is a relatively unstable and weak joint which needs to be strengthened with the right exercises.

Our shoulders muscles come into work in almost every upper body movement so it is important that we pay the right attention to this area. This area is especially weakened for those of us who are sitting in front of a computer all day and tend to have a rounding of the shoulder frontwards. If you’re wondering if you are one of these people try this one trick…

Stand against a wall with your back facing the wall. Then place the outside of your palms against the wall and slowly move up until your hands are above your head. If you’re shoulders started to have any pain during this movement or they came off the wall then you know that your shoulders have room for serious improvement.

Let’s look at a shoulder workout that will not only build muscles in this area but also help you to prevent further pain.

Shoulder Pain Workout

Before I get into the workout I have to emphasize that you really need to have a proper adequate warm up. This should consist of at least 6 or 7 minutes on a cardio machine of your liking (treadmill and elliptical or best for a shoulder workout though).

If you think you can skip this one step then you might as well forget this shoulder workout since you are leaving yourself susceptible to injury because you haven’t given enough time for your shoulder joints to excrete enough synovial fluid (lubrication) so that you can do these exercises safely.

Got it? Good! Let’s get into the workout. We’re going to work with the standard 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions of each of these exercises…

Side-lying external rotations – great for strengthening your entire rotator cuff from all positions. (view exercise)
Arnold press – nothing builds strength in the shoulders like the Arnold press. (view exercise)
Bent over barbell row – all over upper back and shoulder toning and building exercise. (view exercise)
Seated bent over rear deltoid raise – strengthens the muscles between your shoulder blades aka rhomboids. (view exercise)
Front deltoid raise with dumbbells – if you ever feel a pinch make sure to reduce the weight. (view exercise)

Supplements to Help Reduce Shoulder Pain

It’s pretty easy to think that no supplement can help with shoulder pain but in fact, the complete opposite is true. Making sure you provide your shoulder muscles with the right amino acids is imperative to their health, size and strength. Of course it takes a lot of heavy weights to get a lot of shoulder size but whey protein powder likeĀ Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion is awesome for a pre-and post workout shake to cover all of your amino acids.

To take it further, branch chained amino acids (BCAA’s) likeĀ Scivation Xtend is awesome for muscle recovery and you should make sure to have it after every workout and most importantly within 30 minutes after your session.

If you’re worried about the inflammation part then supplementing with Omega 3’s like Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega is a good idea.

Shoulder Pain Conclusion

You’ve got a very well rounded shoulder workout here which will help you in more ways then you will ever realize because these exercises will actually prevent future shoulder pain. Take these 5 exercises and do them at least once a week to help with the strength. For women who are reading this article and concerned about getting blocky shoulders, all you have to do is increase the repetitions to 14-16 and try and do them one after another with little to no rest. For the men who want to increase size then start with lighter weights and then increase so you reach a maximum of 8 reps with the last one being almost impossible.

Have any feedback or questions about this shoulder pain workout? Please leave a comment below…