personal trainer workouts

Personal Trainer Workouts

Not everyone has the money or time for a personal trainer.

So I thought it was time to give you some killer personal trainer workouts you can do on your own.

When I’m training a client, I always have a few goals in mind. Let me share them with you…

1. You need to be challenged. This means that you can’t get away with anything too easy. So when you’re working out, remember that you have to get out of your comfort zone. This means lifting heavier!

2. You need variety. Most people get bored easily with their workouts, and it’s my job as a personal trainer to keep things fun and exciting. So this means trying new exercises and changing the way we do the exercises.

3. You need to push it. What I mean by this is that you need to make your workouts last. I do 30-minute workouts with my clients if that’s all the time they have, but ideally, you need to stick around the gym for an hour or so. So find a way to stay motivated for longer and you’ll see results!

Now for some personal trainer workouts…

I’ve compiled 3 workouts for you that will target all of your major muscle groups. For all of these exercises, aim for 3-4 sets and take each set to failure (between 8-12 reps). What I mean by failure is that your last rep should be so hard you can’t get another one out.

Personal Trainer Workout 1: Legs & Abs

Personal Trainer Workout 2: Back & Chest

Personal Trainer Workout 3: Arms & Shoulders

And don’t forget…

I always recommend to my clients the following supplements to support muscle growth and repair after these killer workouts.

  • Muscle Pharm Assault – A pre-workout complex to take your personal trainer workouts to the next level!
  • Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion – A great tasting protein supplement to fuel your muscles! I recommend having a protein shake every morning and within one hour after every workout.
  • Universal Animal Pak – A complete joint support complex to help your body recover from these killer personal trainer workouts!

Have any questions or feedback about personal trainer workouts? Please leave a comment below…