Jump Rope Fat Burn Workout

It’s All in Your Hands – Take Control

Time to change things up & boost fat burning as if you were taking a new fat-burner supplement with this intense 20-minute interval jump rope workout.

The benefit of jump rope is in its total body impact. We’re going to design a whole routine around this one piece of equipment, in a way that challenges your whole body and can be incorporated into other routines as a warm-up or cool-down.

The other great thing about jumping rope is that it can easily be done at home or the gym. For home workouts, invest in a good quality jump rope like this Harbinger Jump Rope. When you have a good rope you’re more likely to reap the benefits of the workout.

Jumping Rope to Burn Fat

The best way to take full advantage of the jump rope is to turn it into a full workout, like the one I’m offering up here. This can easily be done by incorporating the principles of interval training, and alternating between series of high and low intensity jumps.

The idea is to keep challenging yourself, and varying your speed and intensity. This kind of approach always gives the best results, especially when it comes to burning fat.

20-Minute Fat-Burning Jump Rope Routine

This routine requires only 20 minutes, but that’s all you need to feel the burn from your jump rope. Add this into your program a few times a week, or use it as a bonus workout on days you’d normally take off.

Start by warming up with a little stretching and some jogging in place, then grab your jump rope and get to it:

  • 2 minutes of slow pace jumping
  • 3 minutes of fast pace jumping
  • 15 second rest
  • 2 minutes of fast pace jumping
  • 1 minute of moderate pace jumping
  • 1 minute of slow pace jumping
  • 1 minute of moderate pace jumping
  • 2 minutes of fast pace jumping
  • 30 second rest
  • 3 minutes of moderate pace jumping
  • 1 minute of fast pace jumping – as fast as you can for this one
  • 2 minutes of moderate pace jumping
  • 1 minute of slow pace jumping

That’s it – but trust me, this kind of alternating between slow and fast paces amounts to a serious workout, and some serious fat burned.

This approach to jump rope is similar to what you’d find in a spin class or cycling workout. You’ve got to really push yourself, and watch the clock to keep you on track. If you can stick with it, you’ll work up a killer sweat.

Throw in some twists if you’d like, and definitely keep it going even longer if you have the time and stamina.

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