bosu workout

Bosu Workout

I give thanks to all my loyal fans on my Facebook Weight Loss and Training Tips page with this article because many expressed that they wanted to know more about training with a bosu ball.

If you don’t know what a bosu ball is, it is basically a stability ball split in half and has a round plastic board attached to the flat side. The bosu ball is very similar to a balance board in function but it does make it a little easier to use because of the rounded part of the ball.

If you train at a gym that doesn’t have a bosu ball or if you train at home and want to get an inexpensive alternative you can grab this Harbinger Balance Trainer or the Altus Balance Board for a fraction of the price.

Before we get into the workout let’s look at 3 benefits of using the bosu ball…

Bosu Workout Benefits

The first benefit that the bosu ball brings into your training is that it really challenges your core muscles in order to stabilize your entire body when doing any exercise with it.

In other words, the key to being a master with the bosu is to activate your abs while doing your exercises with the bosu otherwise you will be shaking all over and losing your form.

This leads into the second benefit of a bosu workout which is that when you bring your abs into play you will also end up burning more calories, and I think you’ll know what I mean when you try even the most simple of exercises on the bosu. You will notice that you break a sweat much easier and that you will get exhausted pretty quickly especially if you are keeping your rest periods between sets very short (i.e. about 30 seconds).

Because of the difficulty induced by setting off your balance you will also see that your form will break very easily unless you reduce the weight of the dumbbells you are using (in comparison to if you weren’t using a bosu). So you probably see where I’m going here, the 3rd benefit of working out with a bosu is that really brings to your attention your overall form and hopefully you have a mirror, a trainer or a workout buddy to give you the feedback you need here. I’ll make it a little easier for you though…

If you’re doing standing exercise on the bosu keep these form factors in mind:

  • Shoulder blades back as if you were pinching a pencil between your shoulders
  • Slight bend at your knees to help you with balance
  • Tight abs especially when you start shaking

Ok now that we have the benefits in mind let’s jump into this total body bosu workout…

Bosu Workout

Try 3 sets of 12 repetitions of these exercises. You can do each exercises one by one or put them right after each other in a circuit. You can also use both sides of the bosu although I find that when standing on it you should begin with the flat side.

Dumbbell squats on a bosu ball ( refer to photo here )
Bicep curls on bosu ball ( refer to photo here )
Plank with bosu ball – hold for 30 seconds ( refer to photo here )
Pushups with bosu ball – ( refer to photo here )
Bosu runners – go for 20 seconds ( refer to photo here )
Bicycle ab crunches on bosu ( refer to photo here )
Back extensions on bosu ( refer to photo here )
Medicine ball squat and press ( refer to photo here )

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Bosu Workout:Conclusion

There you have it a total body bosu workout which will challenge your core, bring focus to your form and allow you to rapidly accelerate your calorie burning metabolism for some pretty killer fat burning results. Just remember to always keep your core tight and have your shoulder blades back and you’ll become a master in no time.

Have any questions or feedback about this bosu workout? Please leave a comment below…