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Fitness Plan Women: Phase 1

Many of the fitness and diet plans on this website are for a little more of the advanced level so I thought it was time to bring it back to basics and design a multi-phase fitness plan for women (also let the men in your life know that there will be a similar article specifically for them very shortly).

Now if you haven’t had a chance yet make sure to sign up to the 5 day body transformation course as it has the most important fundamentals of getting on the right track.

The first phase of the fitness plan for women is to lay out all the essentials you will need to succeed. In the next article (Fitness Plan Women: Phase 2) I will include the actual workout plan and following that I will include the diet plan.

This plan will be designed in a way to build up gradually so that you don’t place too much pressure on your body at once. If you’re in it to be the most fit you have ever been for a special occasion a few months down the line (i.e. bikini season, wedding, holiday vacation) or you just want to start fresh then this is just for you.

Ready for this? If you stay on track and follow me here you are guaranteed success and you have my full support, so why not right?

Fitness Plan Women Phase 1: Essentials

First thing I want you to do is take a photo of yourself in your favorite bikini. You can keep this completely private or you can keep it and send me your before/after photos in a few months. Now your heart should be in this for your health but I want to include a 3 big prizes for those who succeed the most (leave a comment below for your suggestions on the prizes), and don’t worry this isn’t like biggest loser style where your health is compromised in order to drop the most weight quickly.

Second thing you should do is try and find a friend who can join you in on this journey. Send them the link to this article and get them on board with you so you can motivate each other at the gym.

If you like you can set a little competition to see which person will lose the most inches off their waist after 16 weeks, and trust me on this one, if you follow this plan you will lose a pretty impressive layer of belly fat!

Third part of fulfilling the essentials is to get a training journal for this fitness plan. And just take two minutes and write down your objectives. Is it to lose 2 inches off your waist? Is it to tone up your arms and prevent them from jiggling, or is it to reduce the cellulite in your thighs? Be specific and try and not to focus everything on losing weight because you will most likely turn some of that fat into muscle and you should know by now that muscle weighs more than fat.

For those of you who want to order a workout log through the web here is a very cool one which I would recommend – Fitlosophy Fitbook

Fitness Plan Women Phase 1: In it to Win It

I’m not going to overwhelm you with anything else in this first phase. Read the next article (Fitness Plan Women: Phase 2) where I give you the first couple days of your workout routine for this week, but if you can get a good 30 minute brisk walk today then you are off to a great start. It should be fast enough to give you a light sweat. Maybe make that walk to the store so you can get the fitness journal to write in or just to get you through the forest so you can get some fresh unpolluted air.

Have any questions on this Phase 1? Remember to let me know what you think some good prizes would be for the winners by leaving a comment below…