Chest Workout Plan

Chest Workout Plan

When it comes to workouts for your chest, there are a lot out there which give sub par results and leave you wondering if it’s all about genetics. Well it’s time to take a 360 degree approach at a chest workout plan which will challenge even the most advanced of you.

Before we get into it we’re going to look at three different angles you should be hitting your chest in order to develop the musculature to support the front and upper part of your body.

This chest workout is great for both men and women and will have tips catered to each sex appropriately.

The three different angles compromise of incline, decline and flat. When doing a chest workout that incorporates exercises at these levels you will begin to see results in areas of your chest which you never thought possible.

Since this article is all about form I’ll be giving you pointers to look out for when doing these exercises but if you have any questions come up and need more direction leave me a comment at the end of this article and I will make sure to have a response for you which will help clarify it further.

Chest Workout Plan

This chest workout plan incorporates a total of 5 exercises, and you can run this workout once a week for increasing muscle mass or up to 3 times a week if you are really focusing on adding definition.

Exercise 1: Chest press dumbbells on flat bench.

  • Total 4 sets. This is a great exercise to start off and instead of the regular 3 sets go for an extra set to warm up.
  • Make sure you go about 20-30% less than your usual weights in your first warm-up set in order to get your shoulder and chest muscles activated & ready to go heavy.
  • Lower and raise weights with a 3 second count.
  • Have a 90 degree bend at your elbows at the lowest position.
  • Make sure your back is flat against bench and feet are firmly planted on ground.
  • If your lower back is raising off the bench at any time you know you are going too heavy.
  • Woman: aim for 12-14 repetitions in each set to focus on toning.
  • Men: aim for 8-10 repetitions in each set to build muscle.
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Exercise 2: Decline barbell chest press

  • Total 3 sets.
  • This is going to be one of your most challenging exercises because of the decline angle, but also provides best results to build the lower part of the chest.
  • Focus on bringing the weight down to your chest and having a 90 degree bend at your elbows
  • Woman: aim for 12-14 repetitions.
  • Men: aim for 8-10 repetitions.
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Exercise 3: Dumbbell chest flyes on bench

  • This is a simple exercise that really builds the inner part of your chest muscles.
  • Start at the top and feel like you are pulling the weights apart and have a squeeze between your shoulder blades.
  • Woman: aim for 10-12 repetitions.
  • Men: aim for 8-10 repetitions.
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Exercise 4: Dips with body at 30 degrees angle

  • Although dips are primarily for the triceps you can do a chest variation by having your body at a 30 degree angle
  • Start at the top and lower slowly while maintaining your body at the 30 degree angle
  • Raising your body will be more challenging but try and keep the 3 second count in bringing your body up
  • Woman: aim for 8-10 repetitions (if too difficult you can use a bench to do your dips (view exercise) .
  • Men: aim for 6-8 repetitions.
  • (view exercise)

Exercise 5: Push ups on bosu ball/stability board

  • This is a great exercise to end on as it will bring in your core muscles to help you stabilize
  • Start at the top and lower slowly with a 3 second count down and back up
  • Woman: aim for 8-10 repetitions (if too challenging you can have your knees on the floor).
  • Men: aim for as many repetitions as you can.
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Chest Workout Plan: Conclusion

There you have it a full chest workout plan which will build your upper body from the ground up. This is a great foundational workout which can last you a life-time and one you can come back to as often as you like. With that said after 6 weeks of doing this workout plan you will need to add variation even if it’s just mixing up the order of the exercises or lowering/increasing the repetitions.

Did you like this chest workout plan? Please leave me a comment below and I will continue to build workouts like this out and include different variations of difficulty.