Target Your Thighs and Butt in 20 Minutes

Thighs and butt are two of the biggest problem areas most women and even some men complain about today. This 2-in-1 workout is designed to target both spots – in just 6 moves.

The lower body is usually a focus of important visual aesthetic and for good reason. The muscles that make up your lower body – everything from your calves to your lower back – essentially serve as your foundation. And how solid your foundation is will have an impact on everything else you do, both in and out of the gym.

The Workout

This workout should take you about 20 minutes. There’s only minimal equipment required for this one, so you can easily knock it out at home if you have what you need. Otherwise, take 20 minutes at the beginning or end of another workout.

The goal is to start at the beginning and move through 1 set of each move without rest. At the end of that first circuit, you’re going to take a 2-minute rest and repeat. If you have extra time, go for a third round.

For each exercise, aim for 10-15 reps, depending on your fitness goals. If you’re trying to tone up and burn fat, get it closer to 15, If you’re trying to add muscle and build strength, lower your sets closer to 10 reps and increase the weights.

The Moves

All of these moves target either your glutes, your thighs, or both.

Grab your water and your towel, and get started…

Front Dumbbell Squat

Grab a light or medium-weight dumbbell, and stand with your feet at shoulder width. Hold the dumbbell with both hands at chest height, and lower into a traditional squat, bringing your buttocks close to the floor without letting your knees get ahead of your toes. Hold for one count, return to starting, and repeat. To view this exercise, click here.

Lateral Lunge

With or without dumbbells in your hands (depending on your experience), start in standing position and extend one leg out to your side as if you were doing a lunge – but you’re not going to bring it behind you like you’re used to. Lower into it, hold for one count, and return to starting. Make sure you hit both sides. To view this exercise, click here.

Toned Thighs & Tight Butt Workout

Hip Lift

Lie face-up on a workout mat with your hands at your sides. Pull your feet in close to your buttocks and stabilize them there. When you’re ready, press your pelvis up towards the ceiling as far as you can and hold there for 3 counts. Lower and repeat. To view this exercise, click here.

Stability Ball Squat

Grab a stability ball (medium-sized) and find some free wall space. Standing a few feet from the wall, press your back against the ball so that it stays elevated against the wall. Carefully and in control, engage in a squat while trying not to let the ball fall. You basically want to roll your body against it. To view this exercise, click here.

Hip Extension

Rest on a workout mat on all fours, with your palms directly under your shoulders. Lift your right leg up and back, extending it out from your body as you squeeze your buttocks. Hold for 3 counts, lower, and repeat with your left leg. Make sure you really feel the squeeze so you know you’re working your glutes. To view this exercise, click here.

One-Legged Side Plank

This last one is great for both your glutes and thighs. Rest on a workout mat against your forearm and the side of your foot, creating a flat plane with your body. This starting position is basically the traditional side plank. Then lift your upper leg up towards the ceiling, bending at your hip and keeping your leg straight. Hold it there for 1 to 3 counts, lower, and repeat. Make sure you do the same number on both sides. To view this exercise, click here.

And that’s it! Two circuits of these moves should leave your lower body feeling like it has the foundation it needs to get you through your day.

To get the most out of this workout, make sure you follow it with a protein shake using a high quality protein supplement like NOW Certified Organic Whey Protein. This is especially important for your glutes and thighs because they’re big muscles, so they need the fuel to recover properly.

Have any questions or feedback about this 2-in-1 Lower Body Workout? Please leave a comment below…