last minute healthy gift ideas

Last Minute Healthy Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably left a bit of your shopping to the last minute!

And what better gift than something health and fitness related? With New Year’s resolutions soon to be set, your family and friends are sure to get a ton of use out of a health-promoting gift.

Or maybe you’re just looking for the perfect gift for that fitness guru or bodybuilder on your list.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my top 12 healthy gift ideas:

Top 12 Last Minute Healthy Gift Ideas

1. The Stocking Stack – This is an amazing combo currently offered by It’s packed full of amazing trial and sample sizes of leading supplements, and includes a gym towel and water bottle. At only $27.99, it’s my top pick for the bodybuilder on your list. Check it out: 12 Week Hardcore Stack.

2. Fitlosophy Fitbook – This book offers a clean, organized option for tracking your workout and fitness efforts, and would be a great option for the beginner or advanced gym goer on your list. For more details: Fitlosophy Fitbook.

3. P90X – You’ve probably heard of this one, but for that special someone who’s serious about getting in shape this new year, P90X may be a great option. If you know someone who can’t invest in a gym membership, or simply has a tight schedule, check it out: P90X.

4. Yoga Classes – This is one my favorite gifts to give. And at this time of year, your local yoga studios probably have a whole bunch of specials on. Beginner yoga classes can really make a great gift!

5. Ab Wheel – Believe it or not, this simple piece of equipment can be a great addition to your home ab workout. It can offer a pretty decent ab workout, and would make for a great stocking stuffer. Check it out: Ab Wheel.

6. Omron Heart Rate Monitor – Another great stocking stuffer is a heart rate monitor. This may be one of my most highly recommended pieces of gym equipment. It can help you monitor your progress and stay in your target zone. Check it out: Omron Strapless Heart Rate Monitor.

7. 12 Week Hardcore Stack – This may be the perfect gift for the aspiring bodybuilder on your list. This package contains everything you need to get started at the gym, including a great protein supplement, a pre-workout supplement, BCAA powder for muscle recovery, a multi-vitamin, and more! Check it out: 12-week Hardcore Stack.

8. LCD Digital Jump Rope – Another great stocking stuffer idea, this electronic jump rope helps you track your calories burned, number of jumps, and more! For more info: LCD Digital Jump Rope for more details.

9. Exercise Ball with DVD and Pump – An exercise ball is an essential piece of equipment for any home gym. And this one’s a great option, as it comes with an instructional DVD packed full of ideas for exercises and workouts. Fore more info: Exercise Ball with DVD and Pump.

10. Resistance Toning Tubes – Another essential home gym option, toning tubes can offer a whole variety of exercises and workout with minimal equipment. They’re also great for anyone who travels frequently, as they take up very little space. For more info: Adjustable Resistance Toning Tubes.

11. Optimum Women’s Performance Stack – This combo is one of the best options for the woman in your life who’s starting to get serious about her gym workouts. It includes 2 top-selling protein options, a multi-vitamin designed specifically for women, and a pre-workout energy mix. Check it out: Optimum Women’s Performance Stack. Of course there is also the Optimum Men’s Performance Stack

12. Nike Vomero Running Shoes – This is my last item on this list, but another one of my favorites. These are by far the best shoes around for all your workout and fitness needs. See the Nike Vomero’s for Men here and the Nike Vomero’s for Women here. I guarantee you will be quite surprised by how much support and cushioning they provide.

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