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Megan Fox Workout

Megan Fox has remained on the celebrity radar since her 2007 appearance in the blockbuster movie Transformers. Since then, she’s continued to do her fair share of acting. And there’s no doubt that she’s stayed in great shape.

So what’s her secret? Like many actresses and models today, Megan Fox has adopted a lot of the latest trends when it comes to diet and exercise.

As for diet, Megan has adopted one particular rule that I highly recommend – frequent meals. The actress eats about 5 meals a day, which is a great way to keep your metabolism boosted and your body’s fat burning potential at its best. In fact, this is a totally effective way to burn more fat and lose more weight.

But what does Megan Fox eat? She tends to go for vegan and raw food options whenever possible. This means a lot of veggies, salads, nuts, and seeds. This kind of diet isn’t for everyone, so I definitely recommend thinking things through before making such a major shift. But it can definitely support a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you’re curious about a vegan diet, read my article on Vegan Sports Nutrition. You can also check out my rules for a healthy Raw Food Diet here.

Together, these two approaches to dieting can give you a major boost of energy and help you get the most out of your workouts. They’re also totally effective strategies for losing weight and toning up.

Now on to the workout…

Megan Fox Workout

So what’s Megan’s approach to fitness? She has a pretty strict no cardio policy on fitness, and makes most of her gains by focusing on intervals of weight training exercises. Like many celebrities, Fox has the luxury of a personal trainer. But trust me, with the right plan and a little dedication, you can see real results without draining your bank account.

So here’s the workout. I’m going to adopt the principles of Megan’s fitness strategy, and offer up a 4-day fat-busting, muscle-toning workout to get you in the best shape of your life!

The Megan Fox Workout Plan

For each exercise, I want you to aim for the traditional 10-12 reps per set, for a total of 3-4 sets per exercise. Lift at a moderate, controlled pace, and make sure you increase weight as things get easier!

Day 1 – Upper Body

Day 2 – Lower Body

Day 3 – Abs & Core

Day 4 – Full Body

Megan Fox Workout – Conclusion

This 4-day workout plan is a great way to jumpstart your fitness efforts and get you in killer shape, you can split this up so that you have a rest day in between some of theese workouts (great time to do Yoga on your off days)  to allow you to recover and also make this a full 7 day plan.

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