Scott Adkins Workout

I posted on my facebook page a question to see what people wanted to see in terms of workouts and got some great feedback on including something that works the core, includes boxing/kickboxing training and is also cross-training focused.  When I took my research to the internet I came across a fantastic actor/athlete by the name of Scott Adkins who incorporates all these together.

If you haven’t heard of Scott Adkins before chances are you’ve seen him in movies playing the bad guy in X-Men, The Bourne Ultimatum or of course playing the main role in Ninja and the Undisputed films.  He is a mixed-martial arts specialist and his training his simply sick!

So, in this workout I’m going to push you and push you hard, cause a killer ripped physique like his takes tons of hard work and dedication.

Let’s get started…

Scott Adkins Workout Routine

What you will get in this workout is a 6 day in the gym plan which will include 2 specific days for high intensity interval training and core focus.

Days 1/5: Legs and Shoulders

4 sets 8 repetitions (each leg) one legged barbell squat (view image)
3 sets 10 repetitions upright barbell rows (view image)
4 sets 10 repetitions kettlebell snatch (view image)
3 sets 10 repetitions barbell shoulder press (view image)
3 sets 12 repetitions jump squats (view image)
3 sets 8 repetitions (each side) bent over low pulley lateral raise (view image)
3 sets 10 repetitions barbell side lunges (view image)

Day 2/4: Chest, Back and Arms

4 sets 8 repetitions (each side) pushup rows (view image)
3 sets 10 repetitions Triceps push-downs with reverse grip (view image)
4 sets 10 repetitions cable curls lying on floor (view image)
3 sets 10 repetitions incline dumbbell press (view image)
3 sets 12 repetitions pull ups (view image)
3 sets 8 repetitions (each side) single leg deadlifts (view image)
3 sets 10 repetitions bench press close-grip (view image)

Day 3/6: High Intensity Interval Training & Core

10 minutes HIIT on treadmill (reference my article on High Intensity Interval Training)
3 sets 30 seconds plank on stability ball (view image)
3 sets of 30 seconds mountain climbers (view image)
3 sets of 10 turskish kettlebell get-up (view image)
3 sets of 10 cable crunches (view image)
3 sets of 14 bent knee hip raises (view image)
3 sets of 10 back extensions (view image)
4 sets of 12 ab twists with medicine ball or weight (view image)
10 minutes of jumping rope at variable intensity

Supplements to Boost Results from this Intense Workout Plan

Since this workout is quite intense it is highly recommended that you add some supplements in your diet to help with recovery, lean muscle production and making sure you have all the essentials:

Lean Protein Powder: (Try Optimum 100% Natural Whey or Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer)
Pre-Workout Energy Matrix: (Try USPLabs Jack3d)
Fat Burner: (Try Men’s Fat Loss Stack or Women’s Fat Loss Stack)
Essential Multi-Vitamin Pack: (Try Optimum Super-Multi Pak)
Refuel, Replenish and Rebuild complex: (Try Muscle Pharm Recon)

Have any questions or feedback about this workout? Please leave me a comment below…