Chris Hemsworth Workout

Chris Hemsworth is reprising his role as Thor in the upcoming sequel, Thor: The Dark World. This sure-to-be action-packed Marvel flick is due to hit theaters in November of 2013 but he’s training hardcore again right now.

While you’re waiting for Thor to make his second appearance on the big screen, I thought I’d offer up an intense Chris Hemsworth workout to get your biceps bulging and your six pack rock hard. What guy wouldn’t want a Thor-like physique?

Just like the first time around, Chris Hemsworth has had to put in a lot of time at the gym. Thor is a god among superheroes, after all. So the pressure’s been on to get into some killer shape.

How he does it…

So how does Chris Hemsworth do it? According to interviews with this budding Australian actor, he’s had to pack on about 20 pounds of muscle for his role as Thor. As many of you may know, that can be a daunting task.

Not surprisingly, Chris has reported that he has to eat all the time, constantly fueling his muscles to maintain the extra muscle mass. Diet really can’t be understated when it comes to this kind of weight lifting goal. Protein is your major focus, but all in all, you need a pretty continuous flow of calories to maintain the extra weight in muscle. So it’s important to eat healthy as well. Otherwise, all those extra calories might be turned into fat.

Diet really is half the battle. If you’re looking for a good diet plan for building muscle, check out my Best Muscle Building Diet.

Not surprisingly, the next thing Chris Hemsworth focuses on is the gym.

His main goal at the gym was packing on dense muscle mass that would really show on screen. Thor was a god, after all, and Chris needed to look like nothing less.

His trainer really focused on muscle variation. Changing things up on a regular basis is a great way to avoid complacency with your muscle and keep them responding to all your hard work. Chris’ trainer pushed him on a regular basis to change up the amount of weight, the number of reps, and the speed or tempo of his lifts.

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Chris also engaged in a number of compound exercises that incorporated both large and small muscle groups. This is where you get your big-impact results at the gym, by engaging in heavy lifting exercises. Here’s your 4-day Chris Hemsworth workout plan…

The Chris Hemsworth Workout Plan

For all exercises, you need to lift heavy. That means low reps at high weight (with the exception of abs), and try to get out between 4 and 6 sets for each exercise. This approach will produce some big results, guaranteed!

Day 1 – Chest & Triceps

Day 2 – Quads, Hamstrings & Glutes

Day 3: Back, Biceps & Shoulders

Day 4: Abs & Core

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The third factor in Chris Hemsworth’s workout plan was rest. Given the intensity of his workout routines, it was critical that he allow his body and his muscles to recover. Remember, a lot of the gains you make are actually made during rest and recovery periods, when your muscles have the opportunity to repair themselves. So make sure you give your muscles a break, and rest any one muscle group for at least 48 hours between workouts.

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