Get Ripped Like Demi Moore

Having starred in films like G.I. Jane, Striptease and Charlie’s Angels, Demi Moore has proven to the world that it’s still possible to have a killer body in her 50’s and the goal of this article to break open the Demo Moore Workout Plan. Sure you may think that plastic surgery has helped a lot, but without a lot of dedication to healthy eating and continuous training all that artificial work would have been lost in a couple months.

So trying to find exactly the training routine that Demi has gone through will all these roles was quite interesting. My research shows that she has tried every diet and workout plan imaginable. Some have reported her of doing pilates, yoga, cycling plus carb-lovers diet, raw food diet and even the Zone Diet.

What’s refreshing is that after doing all these Demi, finally realized that she needs to get out of the diet plan craze and just lead an overall healthy diet, after-all she wants to be a good role-model for her daughters.

So what is Demi’s Diet Plan Secret?

What you probably have heard before! Eat less but eat more frequently. Instead of having a big lunch, split it into smaller meals. This will keep your metabolism burning continuously like a fine-tuned furnace.

Be sensible with focus on high quality proteins like fish and beans/legumes, plus lots of veggies and fresh fruit, but keep in mind that being sensible doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Arm your kitchen with an assortment of herbs and spices to keep things interesting. Have you ever tried cayenne pepper on halibut and broccoli, or cumin on grilled yams?

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Demi Moore Workout Plan

If you want to have a plan just like Demi then the key thing you will have to focus on is changing it up as much as you can from week to week. Try and hit at least 3 days a week of a level that is quite intense and builds the point of complete exhaustion. It’s not going to be easy having a body like hers so don’t give up.

Here is a killer 3 day plan:

Day 1: Core and Upper Body

10 minute warm-up jog on treadmill
3×20 ab crunches on floor
3×30 seconds plank
3×12 front dumbbell raises
3×10 back extensions on stability ball
3×12 shoulder presses with dumbbells
3×12 bent-knee hip raises (back on floor)
3×10 push-ups (can have knees on floor)
10 minute cool-down on elliptical trainer

Day 2: Cardio

3 minutes: warm-up on treadmill (get a sweat going)
5 minutes: Raise incline to 8 and speed to 3.8mph
5 minutes: Lower include to 1 and increase speed to 7mph
5 minutes: Raise incline to 8 and speed to 3.8mph
5 minutes: Lower include to 1 and increase speed to 7mph
15 minutes: on elliptical or bicycle at moderate intensity
3 minutes: cool down

Day 3: Lower Body, Back and Arms

3×20 step-ups onto bench with dumbbells
3×10 triceps rope pull downs
3×10 deadlift with dumbbells
3×12 forward step lunges with arms crossed at chest
3×12 bicep curls with dumbbells
3×10 squats with stability ball on wall
3×10 seated cable rows

Download Demi Moore Workout Plan:

You can now download this work out here – Demi Moore Workout Plan (right click and save as)


Remember the key is to use this Demi Mooreworkout plan as a guide and then switch it up every 4-6 weeks with different exercises and intensities. In addition, the best tip is to use herbs and spices on whole foods and skip the processed foods isles at the grocery store.  No matter what your age, you’re going to have a rocking body!

Please leave a comment below if you try this workout and let us know the results you get!