best glute exercises

Best Glute Exercises

There are many of you who are asking questions about how to lift, trim, or tone your glutes. So we’re going to look at a booty-blasting workout that you’re going to love.

There are three main muscles that make up your glutes: the gluteus maximus, which is the largest and strongest muscle in your body, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. Together, these muscles form your buttocks.

Your glutes are important muscles because they do a lot. In addition to being involved in walking and running, they’re also crucial for jumping and lifting, including lifting weights at the gym.

And of course they play a big role in your overall body shape and appearance. Not only do you want strong glutes, but you also want toned glutes that will make that great pair of jeans look amazing!

This article reviews 5 easy glute exercises that can be done anywhere. In addition to being effective, this simple butt workout is a bit of fun too, and will get you out of the same old squat and lunge routine. Do as many reps and sets as you can in whatever time you have.

Let’s get to it…

5 Best Glute Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Glute Exercise #1: Squat Side Kicks – Start with your feet slightly wider that hip width, and slowly lower your body into a traditional squat position. As you reach the lowest point of the squat, raise your left knee and quickly kick your leg to the left, like a karate kick. Keep your right leg stable, and return your left leg to the floor before coming out of the squat. Alternate between sides.

Glute Exercise #2: Quick Feet – Start by getting into a lunge position, with one leg extended behind you. Lower your body into the lunge, making sure your opposite knee doesn’t extend past your toes. Staying in the lunge position throughout, quickly jump both feet to one side in a single movement. Return, and continue making small jumps, with the goal of moving quickly. Repeat on opposite side.

Glute Exercise #3: Dipsticks – Start by balancing on your left leg with your right knee brought up to the level of your navel. Your arms should be extended out to the sides for balance. Bend your left knee and lower yourself into a one-legged squat, coming as close to the floor as possible. Hold for a second, and repeat. Perform an even number on both sides.

Glute Exercise #4: Jump Squats – Start by lowering yourself into a squat position, holding yourself for a second as your reach the lowest point of the squat. As you begin raising your body out of the squat, quickly jump and turn 180 degrees to your left, landing in a full squat and facing directly behind you. Repeat, and alternate the directions of your turns.

Glute Exercise #5: Burpees – Start in a standing position, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Move into a full squat, coming as close to the floor as possible and placing your hands on the floor under your shoulders as you reach the bottom. Then kick both feet back and jump into a pushup position. Quickly return your feet to their starting point, and jump upward, reaching your hands to the ceiling. Repeat, quickly lowering your body into the squat position again.

Best Glute Exercises – Conclusion

This butt blasting workout is sure to work up a sweat! Perform these glute exercises together, or add a couple to your current workout plan. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

To maximize your glute-toning efforts, don’t forget to follow up your workout with a tasty protein shake. Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion and Vega Sport Performance Protein are both great options, and they’ll make sure you give your glutes the fuel they need!

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