Switch Up Your Workouts with Muscle Confusion

If you’ve hit a stagnant point with your training and simply have stopped seeing results, you’ve probably heard something about the importance of muscle confusion.

Muscle confusion is simply a method of weight training that involves changing things up on a regular basis in order to avoid plateaus – periods where your muscles get used to the same old efforts and stop responding.

Although it’s become all the craze among fitness professionals and bodybuilders, it’s not a new concept. Muscle confusion has been around for a long time, simply because it is an essential strategy to getting to the next level with your results.

It’s a principle that can actually be applied to any health and fitness goal. Your body is smart, and it adapts over time. Once your body adapts to any particular stimulus, you stop seeing changes, whether those changes include muscle growth, weight loss, or things like strength and speed.what is muscle confusion

But it’s particularly relevant to building muscle, which is why muscle confusion is such a popular method among weight lifters.

Let’s look at the different ways you can confuse your muscles and get better gains from every pump…

Muscle Confusion Variables:

  • Number of Sets – Changing the number of sets for a particular exercise can help you vary your level of muscle fatigue for a particular workout. Reducing the number of sets to 1 or 2 can totally shock your muscles when you move on to the next exercise, while doing extra sets can help improve muscular endurance and strength.
  • Number of Reps – You can get similar effects from changing up the number of reps within a set. Higher reps at lower weight will improve endurance and also help you work up more of a sweat, while packing on the weight at lower reps will have a huge impact on strength.
  • Length of Rest – Whether it’s rest between sets or between exercise, this is a workout variable that many people tend to overlook. Increasing rest can help you get more out of your next set or station, while cutting down on this time can help you intensify your workout and get a bigger punch in less time.
  • Exercise Order – It’s easy to get into the same routine when you hit the gym floor, but one of the easiest and most basic ways to confuse your muscles is to change the order of your muscle building exercises. Try starting in reverse, or just mix things up – you’ll notice a big difference with this method!
  • Exercise Choice – Hopefully you’re already engaging in this method of muscle confusion. It’s absolutely critical that you don’t simply repeat the same series of exercises during every workout. You should aim for at least 2 different workout schedules for every muscle group, alternating on a regular basis.

Muscle Confusion – Support Your Efforts Nutritionally

No matter your preference for muscle confusion, you need to support your efforts with the right muscle nutrition, I can’t stress this enough! Here are some things you should add to your diet immediately, in order to maximize your muscle building efforts:

With this simple combination of muscle building supplements, in addition to regular muscle confusion workouts  at the gym, you’re sure to see amazing results in no time! Try it out, and get ripped!

Have any questions or feedback about muscle confusion? Please leave a comment below…