top 5 muscle building supplements

Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements

Building muscle is no easy task – especially without the right diet and nutritional supplements.

When it comes to working out, significant gains in muscle size and density really are hard to make. Ask any professional bodybuilder or weightlifter and they’ll tell you that diet is more than half the battle.

Doing Supplements the Right Way

Workout supplements have received a lot of criticism over the years, but they’re not all bad, especially when it comes to muscle building supplements. We have different standards than we had in the past, and there are a lot more natural options on the market than ever before.

The trick is to find the supplements that are right for you, and that give you the muscle building results you’re looking for.

So here are my top 5 picks for muscle building supplements. All of these options are safe, effective, and totally take your fitness results to the next level!

Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements

1. Fusion Purple K – Purple K is one of my favorite muscle building supplements. It’s a buffered Creatine supplement, which means it’s a lot safer and more easily digested and processed by your body than other Creatine products. It’s a great supplement for improving muscle endurance and get an extra pump out of every set. It also improves muscle recovery, so your muscles come back bigger and stronger!

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2. USPLabs Jack3d – This muscle building supplement has been a favorite among bodybuilders for years. It’s a pre-workout supplement, and it’s designed to help you get way more out of every lift. It contains a scientifically based combination of energy-packing ingredients that improve strength, endurance, and vascularity. Trust me, this is one you’ve got to try!

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3. SciVation Xtend – This supplement is an intra-workout supplement, which means it’s meant to be taken during and after a workout. It contains branched chain amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery. These are the building blocks of muscle tissue, and BCAA’s are some of the most effective amino acids you can take.

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4. Optimum 100% Natural Casein Protein – Casein protein is a great option when it comes to building muscle. It’s a type of protein that takes longer to digest, which means it will feed your muscles for up to a few hours at a time. Remember, you can’t build muscle without eating more protein. It’s what your muscles are made of! And protein supplements are extremely convenient.

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5. Vega Sport Performance Protein – This supplement is definitely one of my favorites. Another protein supplement, this one is entirely vegan and plant-based, offering a unique combination of amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery. Personally, I like to mix it up a bit and take a whey protein as well as a plant-based protein like this one to ensure a variety of amino acids. If you’re trying to build muscle, this is a great way to do it!

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