how to make the most of your crossfit training

How to Make the Most of Your Crossfit Training

CrossFit is one of the best team approaches to fitness and exercise you can take. Not only is it extremely motivating, but the results speak for themselves.

In a recent post, CrossFit Exercises, I outlined some of the best CrossFit workouts you can do to get in killer shape. Although the coach and team setting are key aspects of CrossFit, it’s definitely important to keep in mind that CrossFit can be incorporated into any workout and on your own time. It’s just a matter of perspective, approach, and attitude.

< !-more–>In fact, CrossFit can even be done at home. With just a few key pieces of home fitness equipment, you can accomplish a lot in very little time. Check out my CrossFit Workout at Home here.

Given how demanding CrossFit can be, I thought it would be a good idea to look at how to make the most of your CrossFit training. Whether you’ve done CrossFit before or are giving it some thought, these tips are essential for getting you through!

How to Make the Most of Your CrossFit Training

1. Get in the Zone – One of the most important things to get right about CrossFit is your intensity level, including how much weight you might lift during resistance exercises. The goal of CrossFit is to really challenge your stamina and endurance, but you can’t push it so far that you’re out of your ideal range of energy expenditure.

Try to make each exercise last through to the end of each time interval. Adjusting your weight, speed, and number of reps according to this is a good way to get it right.

2. Spend Some Time on the Basics – There’s nothing worse than getting it wrong in a class environment, and this is especially true for CrossFit. The high-demand atmosphere leaves little time to figure things out, so it’s always a good idea to have your form down ahead of time.

Some good exercises to learn proper form before your CrossFit class include the squat, the pull-up, the deadlift, and the lunge. Knowing how to do it right will help you make the most of your CrossFit training.

3. Choose Your Classes, and Your Coach, Wisely – Like every group activity or social event in life, the people you surround yourself with have a big impact on your experience. And that’s true for CrossFit as well. Make sure you feel good with the people in your class, and make sure you like the style and approach of your trainer or coach. If you don’t, then it’s time to look for another class.

4. Hit the Weights 3 Days a Week – One of the best ways to make the most of your CrossFit training is to train on off-days. Make sure you’re hitting the weights and getting in some cardio on days when you don’t have CrossFit. This will help keep your head in the game and give you the strength you need during your CrossFit workouts!

If you’re looking for another approach to fitness that’s totally intense and will help you step it up at CrossFit, check out my article on Tabata Interval Training here.

5. Get the Right Gear – Investing in some good workout gear, like these Nike Pegasus for Men or these Nike Pegasus for Women, is half the battle when it comes to CrossFit. Dress right, and get ready to move your body!

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