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Back Exercises for a Strong Back

Many people neglect back exercises in their workouts, focusing only on the muscles they see in the mirror.

But your back muscles are crucial for your overall level of fitness.

So it’s time for you to get more out of your back workout and transform your upper body!

Ready for a strong back?

A strong back plays an important role in your total body strength, because it’s a large group of muscles. It also supports other muscles, which means that a stronger back will help you get through all of your workouts more easily.

A strong back also means easier lifting and pulling movements, which are common in everyday activities. When it comes to your lower back muscles, these are an important part of your core strength and balance.

So you can see why your back shouldn’t be neglected. But let’s take things to the next level and look at the best exercises for a strong, ripped back.

Back Exercises for a Strong Back

The following exercises are what I consider the best for improving your back strength. Combine them into a single workout of 3-4 sets each at 8-10 reps for a total back workout!

Cable Lat Pulldown (view exercise)

This one focuses on your upper and middle back muscles, and really hits a lot of key back muscles. It also challenges your stability, which will help you see results faster. TIP: Make sure you hold your back at a slight backward angle and pull towards your upper chest.

Seated Cable Row (view exercise)

The back exercise works your entire back, including your lower back. It also requires stability and works your biceps as well. TIP: Make sure your posture is held constant throughout the exercises. Avoid leaning forward or backward.

Bent Over Barbell Row (view exercise)

To attack things from a slightly different angle, try a bent over barbell row. This one’s sure to build strength in no time. TIP: Make sure you hold your back in stationary position as you row, and don’t lock your knees.

Barbell Deadlift (view exercise)

Deadlifts are great for your quads and glutes, but they also really challenge your back muscles. You’ll feel this one in your lower and middle back. TIP: During the lift, pull your shoulders back and focus on engaging your back muscles.

Bent Over Lateral Cable Extensions (view exercise)

This one’s slightly more advanced, but it’s a killer workout for really focusing on the middle of your back. TIP: Make sure your posture remains constant throughout the exercise, and really focus on squeezing your back muscles.

Hyperextensions (view exercise)

Hyperextensions on the roman chair are great for targeting your lower back muscles, so be sure to include this for a total back workout. TIP: To add more resistance, hold a weight plate, dumbbell, or Kettlebell during the exercise.

Back Exercises – Conclusion

What a killer back workout! Remember, don’t neglect your back, it plays an important role in your overall fitness. Whenever you try a workout this intense, I always recommend a combination of the following supplements to maximize gains:

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