best lower abs workout

Best Lower Abs Workout

If you’re looking for that sexy six pack look, you need to start thinking seriously about your abdominal workout.

And that means you need to get a little more focused in your efforts.

The muscles that give you that six pack look are really all one solid muscle, called the rectus abdominis. It extends from just below your pectoral muscles all the way down to your pelvis. While most abdominal workouts hit this muscle from a number of angles, targeting your efforts can help give you the results you’re looking for.

That’s where a good lower abs workout comes in handy. The lower part of your abs is where your upper body and lower body meet. Visually, this makes it a really important part of your body to build and tone.

And I’m going to help you do just that. This is my best lower abs workout…

Best Lower Abs Workout

For all of these lower abs exercises, you should be doing the maximum number of reps per set. That means going until you’re muscle become exhausted, or until you can no longer maintain proper form. For most people, that should mean between 15 and 25 reps per set. A good goal is to work up to 30 reps.

Perform 3 sets of each of the following exercises.

  • Ab Crunch on Stability Ball – This ab exercise is a great one for your lower abs. Make sure you engage your abs throughout, and don’t rock your body back and forth. Work to keep the exercise ball stable. To view this exercise, click here.
  • Lower Abs Bicycle Crunch – For this one, you’re going to keep your legs as straight as possible, lower one at a time to just a few inches off the floor. For best results, lower slowly and hold in the lower position for a few seconds before raising. To view this exercise, click here.
  • One-Legged Ab Crunch on Bosu Ball – This one is all about your lower abs. Stabilize yourself on a bosu ball, and maintain balance as you kick your legs back and forth, engaging your lower abs. To view this exercise, click here.
  • Bicycle Crunch – This one’s a traditional lower abs exercise, but it still gives great results. Since you’re also engaging in a slight twist throughout this exercise, you’re also hitting your obliques a bit. To view this exercise, click here.
  • Hanging Leg Raise – Another popular abdominal exercise, this one gets you moving your legs, with all of the impact on your lower abs. To view this exercise, click here.
  • Plank with Leg Lift – I’m finishing up this lower abs workout with a plank, but rather than just holding things in place, you’re going to lift one leg at a time, totally engaging your lower abdominal muscle. Move slowly as you lift one leg at a time, and hold for a few seconds. To view this exercise, click here.

On a regular basis, you should try to do this lower abs workout once a week. Make sure you also throw in a complete abdominal workout, like this Total Ab Workout in 20 Minutes, as well as a workout that targets your love handles or obliques. Take a look at my article on Best Exercises for Love Handles to create a powerful oblique workout routine.  Finally and possibly most importantly is your action plan to watch your daily nutrition plan as well as cardio plan.  Check out the Nutrition section of this site for tons of great articles like 6 Pack Abs Diet and make sure to challenge yourself with intense interval training like this Ultimate Treadmill Workout.

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