best exercise for love handles

Best Exercise for Love Handles

Love handles are one of the biggest problem areas for people trying to lose weight and I definitely remember how frustrating this was when everything I was doing wasn’t helping.

As summer approaches, you’re probably trying to tone up your midsection and get rid of those love handles once and for all and I’d like to help you succeed.

This article reviews the number one best exercise for toning and shedding those annoying love handles. A slim waistline may be closer than you think!

Love Handle Anatomy

First, it’s important to understand what your love handles are made of. The front of your midsection is dominated by your abdominal muscles, while the internal and external obliques make up your sides. The internal and external obliques are the muscles that reside just beneath your side fat deposits, or love handles, as they’re often called.

Cardiovascular training and full-body resistance training are necessary to really burn that extra love handle fat. Unfortunately, you can’t really spot train when it comes to fat burning.

But what you can do – and what I recommend to all of my clients – is target your toning efforts. By increasing lean muscle mass in any one particular area, you’ll improve its appearance and make it look tighter and more muscular. This is one of the best things you can do for your midsection.

Best Exercise for Love Handles – The Side Plank Crunch

So as I already mentioned, it’s necessary that you keep your cardio going and get in some good full body workouts to really bust that love handle fat.

As for toning, the best exercise hands down is the side plank crunch (view exercise). The traditional side plank (view exercise) is also effective. All it involves is holding your body in a perfect line by engaging your obliques. By adding in the crunch, you’re working out the muscles in a serious way.

I recommend aiming for 12-18 reps of side plank crunches per side, for a total of 3-4 sets. You can vary the workout by holding each crunch for longer, or by increasing your speed through the sets.

More Great Love Handle Exercises

If you want to design an entire workout around your love handles, here are 5 more great exercises for engaging your core and oblique muscles:

Getting Rid of Your Love Handles – Once and For All!

Since burning fat is key to getting rid of your love handles, there are a number of things you can do other than exercise. The first is to transform your diet by cutting out bad fats and sugars and increasing your intake of protein and good fats. The metabolism-boosting Optimum Fish Oil Softgels are a great way to improve your body’s fat-burning capacity. Studies show that these good fats also redistribute fat away from your midsection!

I also recommend trying a natural fat-burning supplement like Cellucor Super HD or Hydroxycut South African Hoodia. You really can’t go wrong with either of these options. They’re showing great results, and are especially effective for blasting away annoying fat deposits like your love handles!

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