12 Week Workout Program

12 Week Workout Program

Want to step up your game but not sure how? If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau and can’t make the gains you’d like at the gym, this 12 week workout program is destined to give you some seriously toned up results.

12 Week Workout Program – Staying Motivated

Getting fit and staying fit take a lot of motivation. So before we get to the workout program, it’s important to think about motivation. Coming up with a detailed plan like this one is a big part of sticking it through, but you should also have back up plans in place for days when you may not make it to the gym, or for times when your mood isn’t quite right.

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12 Week Workout Program – The Right Diet

When it comes to getting in killer shape, you also need to think about a diet that supports your workout goals.

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Now let’s get to the program…

12 Week Workout Program – The Plan

This 12 week workout program is focused on building strength and developing your lean muscle mass. I’ve also incorporated a lot of flexibility into the program, so that you can use it to meet your own workout needs and goals. Here’s a rough guide for number of sets and reps, which I’m going to leave up to you:

  • Toning Up and Burning Fat – 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps each, per exercise
  • Building Strength and Lean Muscle – 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps each, per exercise
  • Building Mass and Getting Ripped – 3-5 sets of 6-10 reps each, per exercise

I’m breaking the program into three 4-week periods. The goal is to continue challenging your body at the end of every block.

Weeks 1 to 4

The first 4 weeks are going to get you to the gym 4 days a week. You’re going to alternate between upper and lower body to really ensure that you have a strong foundation for the rest of the program. I recommend hitting the gym on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, making sure you keep Wednesday as a rest and recovery day.

Days 1 and 3: Upper Body

Days 2 and 4: Lower Body

Weeks 5 to 8

The second part of this program is all about increasing focus. You’re still going to hit the gym 4 days a week, but each day is going to be focused on a particular group of muscles. This will help develop your training and challenge your muscles in a new way. For this period, any 4 days of the week will work.

Day 1: Back and Biceps

Day 2: Chest and Triceps

Day 3: Abs and Core

Day 4: Legs and Shoulders

Weeks 9 to 12

The last part of this program is about getting more intense and increasing not only focus, but also frequency of lifting weights. You’re going to get to the gym 5 days a week, ideally Monday-Friday, leaving the weekend for rest and recovery.

Day 1: Back and Biceps

Day 2: Legs

Day 3: Chest & Triceps

Day 4: Abs & Core

Day 5: Shoulders

12 Week Workout Program – Taking it to the Extreme

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If you want to change things up and continue making gains after the end of this 12 week program, try using some of these Weight Training Techniques. They’re a great way add variety to your workout and train your muscles in a new way.

Have any questions or feedback about this 12 Week Workout Program? Please leave a comment below…