shoulder workout routine

Shoulder Workout Routine

Shoulder muscles are so important to our overall upper body function and yet most people in the gym don’t work on these muscles adequately. I believe this is because these muscle are small and can be injured easily plus it’s hard to go heavy because of the physiological nature of the weak shoulder joint.

This article is aimed at giving you a killer shoulder workout routine that will strengthen all the detloid muscles (front, middle and back), and allow you to excel in other exercise, sports as well as fill out your shirt much better so they don’t just sag on you!

Now getting cut shoulders is highly dependent on a few factors such as: low overall body fat, genetics, and how well you focus on hitting all sides of these muscles with the exercises that you do. The cool thing is that once you get on a roll then you’ll really start to see some pretty impressive results, I will never forget how different my appearance looked in the mirror one day when I was trying on a tshirt in a store and had been focusing on strengthening my shoulders for a few months.

I want to get you that same result! Let’s start out with this killer shoulder workout routine…

Note: it’s extremely to warm-up before starting any shoulder routine. Get on the treadmill for at least 5-6 minutes and warm up your muscles. An elliptical trainer with moving handle bars will also work but just make sure you get some upper body movement (i.e. biking is not the best warm-up for this workout).

Shoulder Workout Routine

2 sets of 12 repetitions: warm-up front deltoid raises with light dumbbells. ( refer to photo here )

3 sets of 8 repetitions: Arnold Presses with dumbbells. Keep movement smooth and elbows in. ( refer to photo here )

3 sets of 10 repetitions: Lateral shoulder raises. Smooth motion with focus to squeeze shoulder blades together. ( refer to photo here )

3 sets of 10 repetitions: Lying rear shoulder raises. Again keep focus on squeezing shoulder blades together. ( refer to photo here )

2 sets of 8 repetitions: Chin-ups with wide grip. Raise with your shoulders and lats and get a killer burn. ( refer to photo here )

2 sets 8 repetitions: Upright barbell rows. Lift through shoulders and elbows. ( refer to photo here )

Recommended Supplements for Boosting Your Shoulder Workout Routine

If you’re in a real hurry and want to get results as soon as possible then you may want to include these supplements:

Thermogenic Fat Burner (Try: Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock)
Appetite Suppression (Try: BSN Atrophex)
Whey Protein for Lean Muscle Production (Try: Cellucor IsoPro Ultra Lean)
Omega 3’s for Fat Oxidation (Try: Now Omega 3)
Energy Drink for Motivation & Maximum Force (Try: USPlabs Jacked)


Remember to warm-up adequately and if you have any pain quickly stop and reduce weight. Shoulder injuries can last a life time so it’s not worth trying to boost your ego by going heavier. Train your shoulders once a week or twice maximum with at least 3 days in between. They are small muscles but can be strengthened quickly if you pay close attention to keeping these in your workouts. Since they are quite a challenge I like saving them on the day that I feel the most energetic in the week.

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