Get Over the Hump!

Sometimes we all feel like no matter what we do we can’t get out of the dreaded plateau phase where your results are completely lack-luster.

But sometimes all it takes is a few different techniques to completely confuse your muscles and allow you to smile again once you come back from your workout and look in the mirror. I think you’d agree that feeling is quite like none other and I want to help you get that again.

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First I must note that nutrition is key to busting through your plateau.  That means you can switch things up and also add different supplements to boost the results from your workouts.

Supplements which can help you bust your plateua:

Ready to get over that hump? Give these a try in your next workout…

Advanced Weight Lifting Techniques

1. Supersets – Supersetting is one of the most common ways of adding variety to your weight training routine. Supersetting simply involves performing 2 back-to-back sets of different exercises (usually ones which target different muscle groups, like bicep curls and tricep extensions) with no rest in between. It’s not until after 1 full set of both exercises that you rest.

You can get even more detailed about things and try different kinds of supersets. An antagonist superset alternates between 2 opposing muscles, like leg extensions and leg curls. A pre-exhaust superset, on the other hand, means working an isolated exercised (like a tricep extension) just before a compound exercise (like a chest press).

2.  Pyramid Sets – Pyramid sets are great for improving muscle endurance and strength. The goal here is to perform consecutive sets of the same exercise at increasing or decreasing weight. For example, perform as many bicep curls as possible at 30 lbs, then immediately drop to 25 lbs, and then 20. You can also increase weight as you go, although this is much more challenging.

Decreasing the weight as you go, in order to maximize number of reps and further exhaust your muscles, is also known as stripping. Whether or not you want to rest in between these sets is another variable that can be changed as desired.

3. Partials – Performing partials is definitely a more advanced weight lifting technique. The goal of partials is to focus on a portion of a movement or exercise at a time. Completing less than the full range of motion can help you target your efforts in very specific ways. For example, a fitness athlete may want to develop their strength during the initial lift of a bicep curl, and therefore only perform the 1st third of the exercise.

4. 21s – Partials can also be done in a series which allows you to target all parts of the muscle evenly. Simply perform 7 reps in the lower range of motion, followed by 7 reps in the middle range, and finally 7 more reps in the upper range. Don’t rest in between and you’re going to feel a burn like none other.

5. Super Slows – Another weight lifting technique that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years is performing lifts at a super slow pace. Slowing things down significantly not only increases muscle tension, but it also really challenges your strength and endurance.

Advanced Weight Lifting Techniques – Conclusion

If you’re giving any of these advanced weight training techniques a try, make sure you follow your workouts with a good stretch, a muscle-fueling protein supplement like Optimum 100% Casein Protein, and an amino acid supplement like Optimum BCAA 1000 Caps to improve lean muscle growth and recovery.

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