Fitness Training - Most Overrated Exercises

Fitness Training – Most Overrated Exercises

If you’re going to spend the time and effort in the gym you better be getting out the most of it right?

I know sometimes it feels like you spend endless hours and the results you get are pretty much a joke. So in this article I’m going to share with you some exercises that are highly overrated especially when done when they are not part of a calculated training plan.

Some may be quite obvious and some you may be wondering about since I have included them in some of the workouts in the site but remember those programs have a clear objective and have been carefully crafted.

Anyway let’s jump right in.

Fitness Training – Most Overrated Exercise #1

The ab crunch: I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people do crunch after crunch, week in and week out. The problem with this is that your abs rapidly adapt to this exercise and results stop usually after as quick as a couple weeks.

Now in it’s place I’m going to get you doing the ab crunch on the rounded part of a bosu ball (view exercise). This is a killer unique variation that will tax your abs in quite a different way. Keep the curve of your back on the curve of the bosu and pull your lower hip up towards your abs when raising your neck up, but just remember not to strain your neck.

Simple change but impressive difference in results.

Fitness Training – Most Overrated Exercise #2

Seated Leg Extensions (view exercise): Although this exercise can give your legs a nice pump it is very limited in your range of motion and doesn’t really benefit you much in the real world. It can also place some unnecessary strain on your knees which can be quite a sore spot for many.

Fitness Training – Most Overrated Exercise #3

Instead, I’m going to prescribe for you the one legged barbell squat (view exercise). This will challenge almost every muscle fiber in your body and especially our quads, butt and core to keep the balance so you’ll have to go quite light. The trickiest part of this exercise is really making sure your in perfect alignment so that your body weight is appropriately balanced on your standing leg.

Fitness Training – Most Overrated Exercise #3

Seated machine chest press (view exercise): This exercise seems like a good idea since you have the support of the machine, but again this is what usually prevents you from excelling.

In this case, I think it doesn’t have to be an overly complex replacement, but pushups on a bosu ball (view exercise) is a great way to challenge your chest. And since it brings imbalance to the movement you will also be strengthening your shoulder joint, triceps and of course your core.

For those of you who have a real challenge with this exercise, you can simply touch one or even both knees to the floor until you gain the strength to do it without.

Fitness Training – Conclusion

You’ll notice that I brought in three different exercises to really challenge your core and allow you to progress with seeing results. Give it a try and break out of the stagnant as that is not going to give you the benefits you are hoping to get after months of doing the same old. And please, leave me a comment and let me know if you liked this article and would like to see more like it as I have quite a few more tricks like this that I would be happy to make this a series of articles…