fat loss secret

Fat Loss Secret

When it comes to fat loss you may think that there really is no secret. Highly intense training and super strict diet is all it takes right?

Well the answer may be a little more surprising than you think. In fact, there are a ton of secrets that I have come across and researched along the way of training for over 18 years now and when you combine them together they create a dramatic and powerful change.

Lately I’ve been having a ton of feedback with visitors of this blog leaving comments as well as our Facebook & Twitter page and the topic of fat loss is almost always the most asked about question. So I thought it was time to try a new series of articles out where I talk about the latest interesting research that is being discovered and talked about when it comes to fat loss.

Fat Loss Secret

One of the most fascinating of these a study at the Wayne State university which found that slowing down the time it takes to lower a weight can actually boost your metabolism!

This is a pretty cool secret to fat loss which I think is as easy as pie, and I’ve actually come across this ideology in training when reading some exercise routines which have been discovered in bodybuilding quite a few years ago.

Back to the secret, the study was specific in finding that taking just 3 seconds to lower a heavy weight can actually boost metabolism for as long as 72 hours after lifting the weights. Researchers have hypothesized that the reason that this occurs is based on negative resistance. When we do workouts which focus on the lowering or negative resistance part of an exercise our muscles see greater damage, and the body then elevates metabolism to help with the repair process.

In this case, the study was done with heavy weights where the maximum repetitions used was just 6, but testing this ideology with higher reps is definitely worth a try if it can help you lose fat a little quicker, doesn’t it?

Top 3 Fat Loss Supplements

Since we’re talking about muscle damage it then makes sense to include natural supplements which can help our body with recovery. Without a doubt the top 3 supplements would be:

Gluatmine (Try: Optimum Glutamine)
BCAA’s (Try: Optimum BCAA 1000 Caps)
Whey Protein (Try: 100% Natural Whey)

Fat Loss Secret Conclusion

Whatever advantage you can get for knowing more and more fat loss secrets the quicker you will be able to attain your beach body 6 pack goals, and little secrets like this one are pretty sweet especially since you don’t really have to do any more work. Throw this type of slow negative resistance exercises at least once a week in your routine to see how much it affects your physique and try and if you’re diet isn’t always 100% then the above mentioned supplements will really help your body recover and show better results.

If you like this secret and want to know more fat loss secrets please leave a comment below, as I always I appreciate your feedback…