How to Wake Up With Energy

The Energy Cycle

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced many times where you go through a bout of insomnia and wake up with the energy of a tortoise.  It’s no fun, because it leads down a spiral of being irritable, not having enough energy to workout well, and worst of all getting uncontrollable cravings that sabotage all the hard work you’ve being doing to trim down that damn belly fat.

In the worst of cases, this can also cause relationship trouble at home and even professionally at work so we have to be freaking smart on how we handle our energy and sleep cycle.

If you’ve heard of the circadian rhythm before you have an idea that our clock revolves around the 24 hour cycle and disrupting the clock causes a ripple effect when it comes to your hormone cycle which causes the negative spiral effect.

The good news is that I was able to figure this out with 3 strategies that I’d like share with you so you can improve your sleep and get your energy levels in overdrive.

Follow these solutions for improving your sleep, and I guarantee you’ll see improvements across the board, from keeping the weight off to building lean muscle.

3 Strategies for Waking Up Energized

Exercise Earlier in the Day

People often overlook this one, but exercising too close to bed can be one of the biggest, energy-draining mistakes you can make. Both weight lifting and cardio increase your body temperature enough to keep you from falling asleep. Cardiovascular exercise is particularly bad for this.

I recommend getting your cardio or weight training workout done first thing in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism and get your energized for the rest of the day. If time is a challenge then you can split it up and do some cardio right after work but no later than 6pm. This kind of schedule will ensure the best results and also improve your recovery time, but best of all allow your body to cool off in time for a good night’s sleep.

Watch What You Eat Before Bed

Snacks and drinks before bed aren’t uncommon, but you’ve got to start being smarter about what you eat before bed. Skip the alcohol, as once it wears off, it actually acts as similar as a stimulant and will wake you up. As for snacking, make sure it’s low in sugar and is light on calories. Foods like bananas, cherries, nuts, and complex carbohydrates like baked yams are all good late night snacks.

If you like to sip on something before bed, go with something natural like chamomile tea, which actually promotes sleep. Herbal teas are also a great way to control cravings and suppress your appetite, giving your metabolism a little boost in the process.

Breathe a Little Easier

Breathing also plays a big role in sleep, and many of us suffer from problems with breathing (snoring) that can wreak havoc on our sleep and totally leave us feeling tired and drained the next day.

Now if you have seasonal allergies, this may be exacberating your breathing problems.  Making sure you have a clean bedroom and sheets free of dust is paramount.

In addition I found a neti pot or some other all-natural nasal flush (such as a saline solution) really helped me breathe freely when going to be.

These are just a few easy solutions to improve your sleep and wake up feeling energized. If you’re still suffering from poor sleep and waking up tired, you might also want to try a natural herbal solution like a non-habit forming Natrol Melatonin. When I’ve been rolling around in bed with no end in sight I’ve found taking this occasionally is of great help so you may want to have it handy.

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