3 effective weight loss tips

3 Highly Effective Weight Loss Tips

Sometimes we get too caught up in complicated tangled up ideas of how to lose weight and we lose focus of some of the most simple and effective strategies.

In this article we look at 3 of the most effective weight loss tips we can incorporate into our daily life and take away some of this pressure.

Effective Weight Loss Tips #1: Keep A Food Journal

When it comes down to looking at my new client’s diets the first thing I ask for them to do is to write down a food journal for 3 days. That means everything they are eating and drinking, even if it’s water.

Just this one act really brings light to one’s diet and can completely change the perspective of what they are putting into their bodies. Too cliche, but I have to say it, “you are what you eat right?” Hopefully you’d rather be a lean chicken breast rather than a fatty burger or calorie dense caesar salad!

Effective Weight Loss Tips #2: Sit Down When You Eat

Are you always running around and not taking the time to really sit down and eat a healthy meal? A while back I saw a Canadian study done in 2006 which showed that people who ate while sitting down at a table and didn’t rush through their meal also ate as much as 33% less for a snack later one.

So focus on really enjoying your meal and being greatful for how this food nourishes all your muscles, bones and organs and in the end your body will also respond favorably to you!

Effective Weight Loss Tips #3: Use Your Better Judgment

You may look at menus in restaurants and deep down question how healthy they really are. Don’t ignore these thoughts and use your better judgment. Simply asking for reduced oil, or the dressing on the side can equate to you saving thousands of calories at the end of the month.

Imagine the difference this is going to make in a year!

Recommended Supplements to Boost These Weight Loss Tips

Want to boost your weight loss results? These are probably some of the most effective supplements you can include in your diet plan:

Whey Protein for Lean Muscle Production (Try: Optimum 100% Natural Whey)
Thermogenic Fat Burner (Try: USPlabs OxyELITE Pro)
Appetite Suppression (Try: Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix)
Omega 3’s for Fat Metabolism (Try: NOW Ultra Omega-3)
Sports Drink for Motivation & Maximum Force (Try: USPLabs Jack3d)


So yes, this article is all about your diet and how you eat. But if just these 3 tips can make such a big difference to us do we take the initiative and take action on doing them or do we just read this article and move on? This is the real test and I hope that some of you will leave a comment below on the results that you achieved from taking this article to heart!