training nutrition for fat loss

Training Nutrition for Fat Loss

We all have shortcomings when it comes to how much dedication we can afford to give to our training and diet plan and the thing that is so frustrating about these is that it can really mess up our results and prevent us from getting that 6-pack, strong powerful muscles, or toned look that fitness athletes are so proud of.

We’re going to tackle one of these shortcomings that I believe is probably one of the most common when it comes to our training nutrition for fat loss.

Did you guess what it was? Grazing food and adding unnecessary inches to your gut.

Training Nutrition for Fat Loss Defined

Alright you know this happens often, grazing is part of our nature and occurs more commonly when we are training hard because our bodies go into hyper drive burning through calories.

This controls at times uncontrollable hunger pains and even the smallest portion of snacks like pretzels, cookies, chips, candy bars that seem innocent enough if we’re not having the whole thing really throws a wrench into our results.

The problem is that these calories add up especially when you compare one orange which has about 60 calories compared to a protein bar which usually has in the 200-300 calorie range.

Training Nutrition for Fat Loss The Solution

For this reason you’ll find that when I talk about snacks I always reference whey protein smoothies which can have as little as 140 calories per serving such as Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey. Compared to an orange a whey protein smoothie is a lot more filling since protein takes a lot more time and energy to metabolise than the sugar (fructose) contained in fruits, and the amino acids in protein help feed our muscles to allow them to continually improve and get stronger.

This just amplifies the fact that if we are training for fat loss we should never skip a meal because even the smallest meal will help ward off cravings and fatigue that we notice on days when we miss meals.

Want to take your training nutrition to the next level?

Then you have to think smart about your pre and post workout foods.

For pre-workout try this: 60 minutes before have a ripe banana and a chocolate whey protein smoothie (Try Muscle Pharm Assault or Gaspari Nutrition Myofusionfor absolutely awesome chocolate flavours).

To give you maximum power and strength, 30 minutes before your workout have an energy matrix drink such as USPLabs Jack3d or Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX.

For post-workout have a branch-chained amino acid recovery drink which will provide your muscles with the amino acids they need for growth & recovery, the best in the market are Scivation Xtend & Muscle Pharm Recon.

Have any questions or feedback about your training nutrition plan? Please leave me a comment below…