weight loss solutions

Weight Loss Solutions

The web is inundated with numerous weight loss solutions that promise to be final answer to helping you get rid of that unwanted fat. Unfortunately for you, most of these “solutions” are just diets which show temporary results because they focus on water-loss or a short term plan which is too hard to follow on any regular day.

With that said, of course it is going to be a challenge to find and keep a weight loss solution that works best for you. This web site has tons of great articles which will help you strengthen your best weapon – your knowledge on eating and training healthy. Without a doubt this is the best long-term solution, so just spend a little time and read up on as much as you can every day or two and your entire outlook on your health will gradually change (I know this because so many of you have given me such great feedback on the articles I have written and the results you are now getting!).

The Problem

What we think is healthy in our diets is most always not quite as it seems. So much of what we buy has so many ingredients that not even the most knowledgeable of you can determine whether it is really that good for you. Food manufacturers are extremely coy and disguise food ingredients with terms that are quite misleading.

The biggest one I see all the time in ingredient lists is enriched wheat flour. Supposed to be good for you right? Unfortunately, the real answer is not so much. Enriched wheat flour means that the wheat has first been processed and the goodness of wheat’s vitamins, minerals and fiber have been removed, only to then have some vitamins and minerals added back in. The end result is that the wheat flour is not nearly as nutritious as whole wheat gain (with the bran and germ) that was simply ground into flour. (In case you were wondering this kind of processing is done to give the flour a finer and “prettier” texture!)

This is just one example and it’s always a struggle to find out what products you get from your grocery store are actually really healthy!


Of course, the simplest way to make sure you are eating healthy is to try and eat as much raw unprocessed fruits and vegetables as possible. If you can afford organic variations then even better as recent research has shown organic foods to have more natural vitamins and minerals per serving than foods which are showered with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

What about our healthy carbs from pasta, bread and rice? Try and keep an eye out for whole grains or stone ground, or brown rice. You might be surprised at what most “healthy” labels actually have in their ingredient lists.

Try and plan 3 meals and 2 hearty snacks for each day. A hearty snack could be a protein smoothie, a cup of plain yogurt with fruit, a banana, or a handful of almonds. Eating every 2-3 hours is best to keep your metabolism high and suppressing your appetite for junk food.

Eat healthy oils such as olive, sunflower or flaxseed and organic butter is a wise decision over artificially produced margarine and other plant oils (coconut, palm or corn).

Stick to lean meats such as fish, chicken, prawns and extra lean beef and try and stay away from premade burgers and hot dogs or sausages.

Weight Loss Solutions: Supplements

The above suggestions on optimizing your diet are golden, but if you want to take it to the next level then you may find that these supplements will really boost your efforts…

Vitamin B + C for helping metabolize foods – NOW Vitamin B-12
Green Tea extract for increasing metabolic rate – Higher Power Green Tea Extract
Omega 3’s for optimal cardio health – AllMax Nutrition Omega 3
Whey protein for muscle recovery and growth before and after workouts – Cellucor Iso-Pro Whey Protein
Sports Drink mix for quick motivation & energy boost before workouts – SuperPump 250
Glutamine for muscle recovery after workouts – Higher Power Glutamine


This is the first in the series of Weight Loss Solutions article. Its intention is to help guide us when choosing foods that we buy in a grocery store in order to provide us with the greatest possibility of success when developing a weight loss solution that works for us.

Found something that works for you? Please leave a comment below…