7 effective exercises to burn stubborn belly fat

Burn That Stubborn Belly Fat

Think you don’t have time to get to the gym? Not a problem – these 7 killer exercises are designed so you can do them at home & help you burn that stubborn belly fat effectively.

Burning serious fat really requires some serious physical activity – in addition to a healthy diet. But if you don’t get moving, you’ll never see the fat-burning results you’re looking for.

Today you’re going to embark on a journey of a simple but effective workout to help you burn off belly fat. Although it’s often the most difficult fat to burn, you can see results if you push yourself hard enough. Plus the exercises outlined below will help tone your midsection, contributing to an overall more lean and fit appearance.

Ready to burn some serious belly fat?

Burn Belly Fat in 7 Simple Moves

Here’s how I want you to approach this workout. If you’re a beginner, you’re going to run through each exercise once. If you have a little experience and would consider yourself at the intermediate level, complete 2 full circuits. For the advanced, aim for 3 full circuits, resting no more than 15-20 seconds between exercises.

  • Bodyweight Squats – Squats are great for your lower body and really engage your core muscles. Plus they burn a ton of calories and fat. Add in a pair of dumbbells or weight for resistance. (view exercise)
  • Push-Ups – The traditional push-up is a fantastic fat-burner. To take it to the next level, try raising your feet onto a workout bench or the edge of your couch. (view exercise)
  • Woodchopper – This one engages your entire body, including your core muscles, incorporating both a squat and arm extension. Use a weight for added resistance if you’d like. (view exercise)
  • Plank – When it comes to toning your midsection, the plank is still one of the best exercises you can do. Hold for at least 60 seconds. (view exercise)
  • Step-Ups – Using a step, stool, or bench, simply engage your lower body and core and step on and off, alternating between sides. Add some weight to increase resistance. (view exercise)
  • Bicycle Crunch – One of my favorite ab exercises, the bicycle crunch engages both your abs and obliques for a leaner look. (view exercise)
  • Jumping Jacks – Finish off the circuit with 2 minutes of jumping jacks, still one of the easiest ways to burn a ton of calories!

To really boost your fat burning potential, finish off with one of these Healthy Shake Recipes for Weight Loss. Shakes, when done right, are still a great way to boost your metabolism, improve recovery after a hard workout, and keep you feeling satisfied.

Remember, a healthy diet is a big part of losing that stubborn belly fat. Make sure you clean up your act and start eating healthy. That means whole grains only, as well as less fat and less processed food overall. Many people report some noticeable results very quickly by also cutting down on carbs, but remember, your body need some carbohydrates for energy and recovery! So make sure you don’t get too extreme.

For some more fat burning diet ideas, take a look at the 5 New Fat Burning Foods! A lot of foods can actually boost your metabolism, so make sure you’re getting more of them in your diet!

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