5 Reasons Your Belly Fat Wont Go Away

5 Reasons Your Belly Fat Won’t Go Away

Struggling with that annoying pesky belly fat is something that we all really wish we could take a magic pill to solve, especially for those of us who are exercising pretty damn frequently.

That frustration is incredibly common and your bullshit thermometer should be going through the roof for anyone who says they have that pill for you, but the good news is that some common principles are really what will lead to you cutting through that belly fat like a hot knife through butter.

Let’s look at obstacles interfering with your goals, and look at the principles on how to overcome them.

5 Top Reasons You Aren’t Losing Your Belly Fat

1. Lifting Weight Unlocks Your Potential

Some of you may find weights boring as heck or intimidating, but you might be surprised by how much of an impact weight training can have on your ability to lose belly fat. Weight lifting increases your lean muscle mass, and this has a direct impact on your body’s metabolism and your ability to use up calories and burn off fat. By building muscle, you’ll experience a greater impact on your metabolism long-term.

Doing this Total Body Workout in 30 Minutes 3 times a week is totally enough to make a big impact on your fat burning potential.

2. You’re Focusing on Calories

Calorie counting is okay, but only to an extent, and it’s really most appropriate for people who need to lose extreme amounts of fat. For the average person trying to lose belly fat, it’s not as helpful, as counting calories doesn’t tell you anything about where they come from.

Instead, you need to pay more attention to the ingredients in your food. Go for foods that have more calories from protein, fiber, and complex carbs, and fewer calories from fat and sugar.  If you find yourself fumbling every once in a while, first of all you’re human don’t beat yourself up over it, and second of all try a cleanse of your kitchen with any foods that you find are close within reach and causing you to go off track.

If you have kids who deserve a treat everyone once in a while, put those items in a far away cupboard which is completely out of your sight and put a picture of your ideal body on the front of that cupboard to remind you that your goal is achievable if you exercise your willpower.

3. Your Fat Intake Can Be Optimized

When it comes to fat, it’s not as simple as cutting out all fat. Much like the issue with calories, you need to look at the type of fat you’re getting. Low quality fats from processed and fried foods should be avoided at all cost. Healthy fats, like omega-3s found in salmon and avocados, can actually boost your metabolism and help you burn off more belly fat.

Supplementing daily with these Optimum Fish Oil Softgels is an easy way to boost your body’s fat-burning potential.

4. You’re Trying to Spot Train

As much as we all want it, spot training just isn’t possible. It was we would all be doing 1000 crunches and have totally ripped abs. Instead, a more effective technique is focusing on compound exercises where several muscles are activated.  Exercises like squats, lunges, pushups, pullups, lat pulldowns, are all great compound exercises that will boost your metabolism overall and make it easier to lose belly fat.

Here’s another workout for you that is full of compound exercises – Best Full Body Fat Loss Workout.

5. Your Sleep Needs a Wake-Up Call

Sleep may be playing a bigger role in your ability to lose belly fat than we all want to admit. Not only does it leave you lacking in energy for your workout, it also throws off your hormones and leads to some serious hunger spikes and cravings throughout the day.

Get your sleep on track, and you’ll improve your ability to get fit and lose fat of any kind, belly fat included! Check out Tricks to Sleep Better for some great tips.

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