total body workout in 30 minutes

Get Total Body Toned

Hopefully you always start your week with the intention of having high intensity and demanding workouts but as we all know time can sometimes come and bite you in the ass and unfortunately one of the things that gets behind is your workout.

So we’re going to make it extra easy for you and give you a total body workout you can do at home or even traveling which challenges you with your body weight, some resistance bands and a jump rope.

You’re going to get a lot of this workout because it will activate your core muscles and tell your body that it needs to burn some belly fat for the energy required to really push you through all the movements.

Another bonus is that you can throw this workout into your regular routine to switch it up and give your body a jump-start muscle shock that it needs in order to prevent from stagnation and the dreaded plateau.

Remember to get some running shoes which provide lots of support and cushioning cause you’re going to need it for the first and last part (my favorite running shoes are Vomero’s, here is the link to Zappos – Nike Pegasus for Women, Nike Pegasus for Men).

I mentioned that you should get some resistance bands and a jumping rope because these are super cheap and easy to take with you traveling, here are a couple links if you wanted to order them online – LCD Digital Jump Rope and Adjustable Resistance Toning Tubes.

You ready? Here we go…

Total Body Workout in 30 Minutes

This total body workout is going to challenge you with 7 minutes of jumping rope before your workout followed by a circuit session where you’ll all the exercises in a row with no rest in between. Aim for 12-14 repetitions and to do the circuit 3 times with a rest period of 60 seconds between each circuit.

7 minute jumping rope {increase speed every minute so by 7th minute you are going as fast as you can}

Front lunge and bicep curl with resistance band ( refer to photo here )
Lateral raises with resistance band ( refer to photo here )
Squat to high pull with resistance band ( refer to photo here )
Push ups with close grip ( refer to photo here )
Reverse lunge and row with resistance band ( refer to photo here )
Ab crunches legs raised ( refer to photo here )
Mountain climbers ( refer to photo here )

5 minute jumping rope cool off {decrease speed every minute so at 1st minute you are going as fast as you can}

Total Body Supplements for Those on the Run

These are the essential supplements you want to have on you at all times especially when you are going through those crazy busy weeks or if you’re traveling and need to stick to a healthy diet…


There you have it a super intense and full total body workout you can do in 30 minutes when time is ultra short or you’re traveling and want to stay at your best. Just remember one thing, no matter what happens don’t let your defense down and keep this workout in your back pocket so you can wake up the next day with no regrets.

Have any questions or comments about the total body workout? Please leave a comment below…