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Boost Your Health: Health & Wellness Series

I was inspired to write an article about boosting your health since in Vancouver there is going to be the 18th annual Wellness Show (April 30th- May 2nd) which showcases the best of the best in the health and wellness industry.

It’s important for you to find inspiration from a number of different sources when it comes to your health and wellness, simply because life just happens and it’s really easy to get off track. Whether it be work, relationships, family, or injuries we all have constant distractions & issues that come up and compromise the integrity of our workouts and healthy diets.

The Wellness Show is pretty cool because it caters to all ages and sexes and is a great way to bring a little focus to you and your family’s well being. If you’re not in Vancouver, I’m sure if you do a quick Google search you will be able to find similar events in your city, they key thing here is that you expose yourself to as much health-related events and materials as you can (hopefully this health blog is one of your resources that you can come to and share your feedback and ask questions on this matter).

I say this because the more we have reminders of wellness in our lives the more our subconscious will keep us on track and the more success and joy we get out of it. It’s a simple statement, but it really is true!

If you’re able to get to an event like the Wellness Show, all you have to do is just soak it all in and if you can get just one take-a-away then don’t you think that this time would be all worth it?

Let’s boost your health a little further with some things to keep in mind when it comes your wellness:

  • How much time are you allocating towards your exercise and well being each day?
  • If you can only improve one thing when it comes to your health this week what would it be?
  • When was the last time you tried changing your workout routine?
  • Is there some exercise, sport or activity that you have always wanted to learn but never got to?
  • How much better would you enjoy everyday if you implemented a practice such as yoga, pilates, or meditation?
  • Have you tried adding natural supplements such as Omega 3 or whey protein powder to your diet?
  • Have you tried challenging yourself with a cardio, ab, kickboxing, bike class?

I hope that this article and these questions will allow you to find the most rewarding exercise and diet program of your life. I can’t express how good you can feel when you try a different exercise challenge or try different recipes that are not only healthy but taste absolutely amazing (check out these articles: Healthy Diet Plan for Women, and Healthy Diets for Men . Being creative with your health and spending some time with other people who are interested in health and wellness will without a doubt influence you in so many great ways that only you can find out for yourself.

If you can make it to the Health and Wellness show in Vancouver it runs from April 30th through to May 2nd and features over 300 exhibitors (for more info check out the website – I will definitely be there and make sure to follow up this article with at least one or two take-a-ways that I think we can all benefit from.

Have any comments or feedback about this article series? Please leave a comment below…