bulking up

Bulking Up

A relatively common question people who are in the process of loosing weight have is when should they stop their cut and start bulking up and building muscle.

They have worked very hard to lose a lot of their excess body fat, and don’t want to screw anything up by starting to eat too much too soon.

Technically speaking, there is no concrete body fat percentage number you want to get to before you start your bulk.

Its not like you will gain less muscle if you are at 10% or at 25% body fat. As long as you eat enough and work out hard, you will put on muscle.

But, realistically speaking, no one who has lost a lot of weight wants to put more back on and walk around with a large stomach.

The higher your body fat is, the less noticeable your muscles are and the less definition you have. So, you may have 200 lbs of lean body mass, but no one will be able to notice because it is all covered in fat.

Ideally, you would want to wait until you are pretty lean and start going on a slow bulk. By just increasing your calories to 300 or 500 over maintenance, you will be able to slowly gain muscle without putting on a thick layer of fat on top of it.

So, you can start bulking at any body fat percentage, but if you want optimal results and want to stay relatively trim in the process, you should definitely wait until you are around 12% body fat before you start your bulk.

Don’t be one of those people who start bulking at 20% body fat and get huge, but carry a lot of fat on top of their muscles, that definitely will definitely make it a huge challenge to get beach-ready!

Are you going to start a bulk-up phase? What is your strategy?