The 5 Most Overlooked Ways to Lose Weight

Drop & Give Me 5!

You feel like you’re doing everything right, but no matter what you do, you still can’t lose those last 5 or 10 pounds. Sound familiar?

This is a common frustration I encounter with my clients. And the reality is, the those final pesky pounds are always the most difficult to lose. When you get to this point, you normally have to kick things up a notch to see your weight loss goal through to fruition.

So, what can you do? A lot actually, but the strategies you have to employ at this stage of the game are often overlooked. We’re not dealing with your typical low-fat, high-exercise diet guidelines here. That said, these strategies are still pretty basic.

If you feel like you’re stuck, try one of these often overlooked ways to lose weight.

5 Ways to Lose those Last Few Pounds

1. Cut Down on Drinking

Either stop drinking, or at least cut down significantly with a goal of having less than 2-3 drinks/day. Alcohol is really high in calories, and a lot of drinks often come mixed with other sugary additives. But in addition to the calories, alcohol also tends to throw off your metabolism and lead to hunger spikes. It also interferes with your energy levels and your ability to exercise at your maximum potential.  Easy Tip: for every drink you have, have one tall glass of water in between, this is an easy tip which will curb how much alcohol you drink.

2. Turn Off the TV

This one shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but if you’re still engaging in this habit too often, try to cut down. Your time spent in front of the television is likely going to involve a lot of sitting. Try replacing this habit with activities like biking, walking, or just being social with friends.

3. Try a Natural Fat Loss Supplement

No, I’m not referring to anything addictive or that comes with nasty side effects. But there are a lot of natural supplements and foods you can add to your diet that will help you knock off those last few pounds. You could go for the metabolism-boosting CLA 1000, or try adding Green Foods Matcha Green Tea to your morning routine. For something with a bigger impact you can also try a supplement which includes an 8 stage fat loss system: Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix.

4. Give Up Calorie Counting

Once you get to a certain point with your fitness, counting calories doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. In fact, you can still be getting a lot of unhealthy foods in your diet when you count calories. Keep your portions in order, but start focusing on nutritional content instead. You really can’t go wrong if you focus on raw natural foods as much as possible and going for protein, healthy fats, and high fiber in your foods—they’ll have a bigger impact on your weight loss and help your body burn fat.

5. Give Up “Dieting” Altogether

The only way to see your goals all the way through AND maintain your weight loss long term is to make permanent lifestyle changes. So eventually, it’s necessary to get out of a “dieting” mindset and set new eating and exercise habits that last for years to come. This is really the only approach that makes any sense, unless you’re just looking for temporary results.

For some more sustainable food and nutrition options, check out my Paleo Diet Food List. It doesn’t mean you have to follow a paleo food plant in every aspect, but the options on this list have all the right ingredients to keep you healthy and toned.

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