when is the best time to workout?

When is the Best Time To Workout?

Many people wonder if the actual timing of your workouts matter. Is it better to workout in the morning so you can take advantage of a raised metabolism throughout the day? Or is it better to workout at night to burn up any extra calories you have ingested throughout the day? Many people have varying opinions on this, but the general consensus is that it doesn’t matter when you have your workout.

Some people like to do fasted cardio and workouts in the morning, because they think it will help them burn fat due to the lack of available carbs. There is a little evidence to support this, but there is also evidence of muscle breakdown, which may outweigh any of the benefits of fasted cardio.

Some people like to work out later in the day. But one thing you should be aware of is that if you workout to close to your bedtime, you may have trouble sleeping. And, if you know just one thing about weight training and building muscle it is that sleep is extremely important.

The more important aspect of workout timing is that you are actually working out consistently and are not skipping workouts. To many people fall into the trap of planning specific time periods when they wish to workout, but if something else goes wrong during the day, they end up skipping it. Instead of making it up, they just wait until the next planned workout session. When that comes around, they don’t really want to do that either. Then, your gains really start to suffer.

As long as you are consistently working out, there is really no bad time to do it. As long as you can fit it in sometime during the day and get it done with maximum intensity, you will achieve the best gains possible.

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