how to lose 5 pounds fast

How to Lose 5 Pounds Fast

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve probably set a New Year’s resolution that involves fitness and weight loss. But don’t get too carried away with your goals. Setting smaller, more realistic goals can be far more effective.

The major roadblock that most people hit when trying to lose weight is lack of motivation. And this is where big goals that take months to accomplish become problematic. It’s okay to set big goals, but at the very least, you should break them up into smaller goals that can be attained more quickly. These small successes will keep you motivated – long enough to see your resolutions through!

So to avoid the frustration and get you really motivated, I’m offering up 5 tips to lose 5 pounds fast. This is a great way to get totally energized about your health and fitness!

And here’s the best part – You only need to choose 3 of these tips to get in shape fast. That’s right, adopt any 3 of these weight loss strategies, and you’ll lose 5 pounds fast!

How to Lose 5 Pounds Fast – 5 Easy Strategies

1. Drink Only Water – You’ve probably heard about the benefits of drinking water, but I’m not just recommending you drink more water. I’m recommending you drink only water throughout the day. Aside from having a protein shake in the morning or after your workout, you should only be drinking water when you’re trying to lose weight. Juices are high in sugar, and diet beverages are full of artificial sweeteners that totally mess with your metabolism.

2. …or Green Tea – There’s only one exception to the rule, and that’s green tea. Drinking water is a very effective way to lose 5 pounds, but drinking green tea is even better. Green tea is a natural appetite suppressant and boosts your metabolism considerably, which means it will get your body burning more fat and calories. For more information, read my article on Matcha Green Tea Benefits here.

3. Cut Down on Carbs – Don’t cut out carbohydrates altogether, but if you want to lose 5 pounds fast, reducing your daily carb intake is one of the best ways to do it. And trust me, the results really are fast with this strategy! I’ve seen many people drop significant weight very quickly by cutting down on carbs, myself included. And this strategy comes with an important caveat: When you do eat carbs, make sure they’re whole grain. You’ll never reach your weight loss goals by eating bleached and processed carbs!

4. Jump Rope Every Morning – It’s one of the oldest fitness strategies around, but it’s still one of the most effective for burning fat. And it’s a great strategy for losing 5 pounds fast! To really reach this goal, I recommend jumping rope for 15 minutes every morning. Not only will it burn a ton of calories on the spot, it will boost your metabolism for the day. To get started, check out my Jump Rope Workout here.

5. Do High Intensity Interval Training – When it comes to the gym, the best thing you can do to lose 5 pounds fast is to introduce HIIT, or high intensity interval training. It’s a fitness strategy that involves short bursts of intense exercise, usually incorporating both resistance training and cardio, which is the best way to boost your metabolism over the long term. For more information, read my article on High Intensity Interval Training here.

Remember, you only need to adopt 3 of these strategies to lose 5 pounds fast! So get started, and get closer to your fitness goals!

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