Drop a Jean Size 3 Simple Changes to Increase Calorie Burn

Get Ready for a Sustainable Way to Drop a Jean Size

Dropping a jean size can seem like a yo-yo game where you get there and then gain it all back within a few days.  The worst part is that if you have an off day and you have some water gain, bloating or had a few too many drinks the night before all your efforts seem to have gone down the drain.

The good news is that you can use these 3 brainless techniques to increase calorie burn throughout the day and help you drop that jean size and keep it there for good.

I’m sure you agree that sounds good, so let’s jump right in…

1. Wake Up to Work Out

The simplest but most effective strategy you can employ to increase your calorie burn is to work out earlier in the day. It may sound like a big challenge at first, but once you get in the habit, the results will speak for themselves.

Research has actually shown that people who exercise in the morning tend to work harder and for a longer period of time, so there seems to be a little more drive and commitment early on. It’s been suggested that this is due to greater energy to draw from, and to fewer pressures and time commitments.

So set your alarm clock a little early, and get a jump start on your day. Not only will you burn more calories and increase your fat loss, you’ll also feel more energized and focused all day long. How you work out is up to you, but I recommend at least fitting in a bit of cardio each morning. If you want to save your resistance training to later in the day, that’s up to you.

Check out The Perfect Morning Workout here for a great way to get started.

2. Increase Your Speed

The reality is, the faster and more intense your movements, the more calories and fat you’re going to burn. It’s not necessarily about how much fat you burn or which exercise you do, you just really need to put everything you’ve got into it.

For starters, this means your cardio needs to be done with greater intensity. Don’t worry about staying in any fat-burning zone – you’re still going to burn more fat and calories overall but getting more intense. When you’re on the treadmill, this means running rather than walking. And when you’re on the gym floor, a little high intensity interval training can really go a long way.

Read my article on Interval Training for Fat Loss here to increase your output.

3. Add Resistance Whenever You Can

Resistance and weight training aren’t just for building big muscles. In fact, it takes a lot of serious weight lifting to get huge, and for women this is even more challenging. But what resistance training can do is increase your metabolism significantly, so that you’re burning more calories even when you’re at rest.

So make sure you’re including some weight training in your workout routine, whether it’s in the morning or later in the day.

And whenever you can, do some resistance training exercises, even if you’re not at the gym. Try doing some push-ups on your break (against a counter works well), do some squats at your desk, or even engage in a little flexibility training and stretching – this is another great way to condition your muscles.

Looking for some great exercises you can do anywhere? Take a look at my No Equipment Home Workout for some ideas.

Have any questions or feedback about these 3 Changes to Increase Calorie Burn? Please leave a comment below…