Interval Training for Fat Loss

Why Interval Training is Right For You

Interval training is super popular among elite trainers and fitness experts who focus not only on increasing aerobic abilities but also fat loss.

By involving s a series of high intensity movements and exercises that combine cardiovascular training and resistance (weight) training the workout times are much shorter and yet highly effective. So a time saver – but also an ass-kicker!

A typical interval training workout will have you moving between short, intense bursts of exercise without resting in between. You work up a big sweat in just a few minutes, and the result is a ton of calories and fat burned.

My first experience with interval training was pretty intense. My entire body felt exhausted by the end of it, but I considered that a good thing. There’s a point you reach in your workouts where you wonder if you’ll ever get that feeling back, and interval training is the perfect thing to take you out of your comfort zone. It can be used to jumpstart your weight training routine, to get you motivated mentally, or to help you with your fat loss goals.

Interval Training for Fat Loss

First, it’s important to keep in mind that interval training can be applied to any exercise or workout. If you like doing cardio but find yourself getting bored, consider doing intervals. All you need to do is alternate between short bursts (1-2 minutes each) of high intensity and low intensity movements. You can change it up as you like.


The Interval Training Workout 

For this fat loss workout, you’re going to run through the entire circuit without resting. At the end of the workout, you can call it a day or you can give it a second run after a 3 minute break. Either way you’ll totally boost your fat loss results!

  • 5 minute Warm Up – Walking on Treadmill
  • 1 minute Burpees (view exercise)
  • 30 seconds Sprinting
  • 30 seconds Ab Crunch on Stability Ball (view exercise)
  • 30 seconds Lunge with Dumbbell Press (view exercise)
  • 30 seconds Sprinting
  • 5 minutes Stationary Bike (medium intensity)
  • 1 minute Burpees (view exercise)
  • 30 seconds Sprinting
  • 30 seconds Lunge with Ab Twist (view exercise)
  • 5 minutes Running on Treadmill (medium intensity)
  • 2 minutes Walking on Treadmill (fast pace)
  • 3 minutes Cool Down – Walking on Treadmill

In just 25 minutes you’ll have burned a ton of calories and fat in half the time of a typical workout. Run through it twice, and you’re doubling your efforts!

Either way you approach it, interval training is a great way to lose extra fat and get toned.

After a hard workout like this, make sure you think about recovery. Not only do you need to spend a few minutes stretching, but you should also consider one of these Post Workout Recovery Supplements. They’re safe and effective methods for boosting overall results!

For other interval workouts check out this Ultimate Treadmill Workout. You can also get even more intense by getting off the treadmill and running outside, you’ll increase your fat loss results since there will be more resistance by the unbalanced ground. Remember, by doing this you will be adding on lean muscle mass which is another great way to burn fat since it has a direct impact on your resting metabolism.

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